Montana Satellite Services

Recent Projects

Here are some of our recent projects:

  • Provided over 1200 .74m Satellite Dish Covers for VSAT systems use for Lottery installations through-out the U.S.
  • Maintenance calls for U.S. Customs, Border Patrol and Homeland Security at several locations on the Canadian Border
  • Satellite Intranet system relocation for the U.S. Dept. of Interior at a dam in Eastern Montana
  • Provided satellite telephone rentals and service to Wildland Fire Fighting Teams during the 2015 Fire Season!
  • Provided Mobile Internet Systems to Wildland Fire Fighting Teams during the 2015 Fire Season!
  • Installed VSAT systems for broadband at several mine locations through-out Idaho & Montana
  • Provided iDirect VSAT systems for SCADA applications in North & South Dakota
  • Portable satellite Internet systems for remote wildlife monitoring
  • Portable satellite Internet systems and bandwidth for remote sales units for a State Lottery
  • Providing equipment and services for seasonal Internet access at State and Federal parks around Montana for camp hosts, reservations, etc.
  • Mobile Satellite Internet system installations and on-demand bandwidth on several trailers for a Wilderness Fire Fighting Team based out of Boise, Idaho
  • Completed a Satellite Re-pointing project for a company with over 20 sites in Western Montana.
  • Provided equipment and bandwidth for a live television broadcast in South Eastern Montana
  • Digital Media installations for menu displays and advertising at a popular fast food franchise
  • WiFi Hotspot / Wireless Access powered by iDirect at a resort in Mexico
  • Verizon router and switch upgrades at several USPS offices though-out Montana and Idaho!
  • iDirect 1.2m System installation at a home in Polebridge, MT for Internet access, security cameras, and VoIP access along with DISH Network Satellite Television Service
  • Sales / Upgrade of a WiFi Hotspot for a remote KOA Campground in Montana which is now providing Wireless Internet access for 300 – 400 concurrent connections over an iDirect Satellite System!
  • Contract installations / upgrades for Verizon and the National Park Service in Glacier National Park
  • Contract installations / upgrades for the Department of Interior at 2 Dam Sites in northern Montana
  • Provided equipment and bandwidth for Idaho Department of Transportation sites.
  • Sales and Installation of a Winegard WX1200, and a Ground Control ToughtSat XP 1.2m VSAT System and a portable iDirect system for two fire-fighting teams in Northwestern Montana.
  • Sales and Installation of several 1.8m iDirect VSAT systems and wireless access point for 2 remote office locations and at a mining camp for WiFi access for 150 – 200 employees in a remote community in Washington state.
  • Sales and installation of two 1.8m iDirect Internet Systems for a managed WiFi network, for Internet access and VoIP communications at a resort north of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.
  • DISH Network Commercial Satellite Television System installation at an Assisted Living Facility in Bigfork, MT

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