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How to check your HughesNet Fair Access Policy (FAP)

Updated 2/19/17!

If you are experiencing very slow speeds over your HughesNet Satellite Internet System, there is a chance you may have violated your HughesNet Fair Access Policy (aka FAP)!
When you go over your daily or monthly FAP limit, HughesNet slows your service dramatically for 24 hours or so or until the “bucket” refreshes!

View HughesNet FAP Policies, and click here for an explanation of How the HughesNet FAP works!

Click here to view your data usage for this month or last month:   (you will need your site ID)

You can also check the HN7000s Modem System Status Page at and click on “System Status” on the right!
You will see FAP Status in the left-hand column, however this will only tell you IF you have violated your FAP!

Some systems and services allow you to use or purchase a “FAP Token” that you can use to restore your speeds!  In fact some plans may include a Free FAP Token or two to use every month in case you go over your limit. The FAP tokens can usually be purchased from HughesNet Customer Care at
HughesNet VARs (Value Added Resellers) do not usually offer Fair Access Policy Tokens with their monthly service plans, so it is important to pick out a service plan with a FAP that will fit your needs!

You can use this link to check your HughesNet Fair Access Policy Limits and current Status!  You will need to know your site ID, which can be found on the “System information” page in your HN7000s modem at and click on “System Information!”

Contact us if you have any questions about your HughesNet FAP or visit here for more information on how the HughesNet FAP is calculated!

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