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HughesNet / DirecWay Ku Band Transmitter and Feed Horn Failures / Replacements

We get a lot of requests for replacement DirecWay and HughesNet transmitters for the DW6000, DW7000, and HN7000S ku band systems.

Typical symptoms of a failing transmitter / LNB assembly include lost packets, crosspole failure, or the system may seem to work well in the cooler parts of the day, but poor in the heat of the day.
In fact, sometimes keeping heat off of the transmitter/LNB assembly will help, but ultimately it means that your transmitter / LNB assembly is failing and will eventually need to be replaced.

The other common cause for failure is moisture getting into the assembly via a cracked feedhorn cover or a failed o-ring seal between the LNB and feedhorn. It is fairly easy to replace a feed horn! To replace the feed horn, you simply remove the four allen-screws that connect the feedhorn to the LNB assembly, then remove the feedhorn support bracket (if necessary on some dish models). Re-install the new feed horn, and replace the bracket and allen screws accordingly.

To replace the transmitter, you simply remove the two 1/2″ bolts that hold the transmitter to the arm of the dish, and by removing the 4 allen-head screws that hold the LNB assembly to the Feed horn and the transmit and receive cables. Although it may not be necessary, we do recommend that you have the dish re-peaked following tranmitter replacement.

We do offer HughesNet feed horns or “feedhorns” separately for most of the DirecWay / HughesNet systems on the market today! The transmitter / LNB assembly is replaceable as ONE PIECE. We do not sell the receive LNB or the transmitter separately as those components are not suppose to be disassembled! So whether you need to replace the LNB or the transmitter, you will need to purchase a complete assembly that includes the transmitter, waveguide and LNB. You may also want to check the o-ring seal between the feed horn and LNB and replace it if necessary also! We have replacement o-ring seal kits available! Also, HughesNet has made changes to the design of the old standard feed horns to now include an additional protective film on the feed horn to protect moisture that may get into a cracked feedhorn cover from getting all the way into the LNB assembly, waveguide and transmitter! If you haven’t replaced your feedhorn since the system was installed, it may be a good idea to do so if your feed horn doesn’t have that additional protection as moisture seems to be the #1 cause of LNB/Transmitter failure.

Whether you have one of the old original white fiber dishes with the white chinon transmitter, or one of the newer gray fiber dishes with the osiris, or isis transmitter, or the newest Raven or Prodelin brand of metal dishes, any of the standard Ku band HughesNet transmitters listed on our site at will work for you and will bolt up to your existing support arm and feed assembly. If you have one of the oval .74m dishes, the standard replacement would be a 1 watt transmittter, and if you have one of the round .98m dishes, than the 2 watt would be the standard replacement. 1 watt radios have been discontinued by many HughesNet distributors, so you may be forced into a 2 watt whether you like it or not. You can install a 2 watt HughesNet transmitter on an oval dish and it WILL provide you better reliability and less speed drop during inclimate weather than the standard 1 watt transmitter, and no changes need to be made at the dish or in the modem in order for that upgrade to benefit you. If your system has been working ok for you it may not be worth the upgrade, but if you have experienced slow-downs during rain-fall and / or heavy cloud cover, and if you want the best performance you can get during those times, a 2 watt WILL HELP, but may not be a cure since the dish size remains the same. A 2 watt transmitter may also help you get online during inclimate weather or in fringe areas of a satellite footprint where a 1 watt may fail a crosspole test, so it is something to consider since you need to replace the transmitter anyway!

Although the prices and links below are subject to change and the products are subject to availability, here is a listing of the replacement transmitter options that we currently have available:

HN1W – HughesNet 1 watt Ku Band transmitter / LNB Assembly – NEW – $369.95
This is the actual replacement for your transmitter / LNB assembly!
90-day warranty / Usually ships the same or next business day!

HN2W – HughesNet 2 watt Ku Band transmitter / LNB Assembly – NEW – $389.95
This is a new transmitter / LNB assembly and is an excellent replacement, spare, or upgrade to the original 1 watt transmitter!
90-day warranty! / Usually ships same or next business day!

There is nothing that you need to re-configure in the Ku band modems in order to install or upgrade either the 1 watt or 2 watt transmitter as it is pretty much plug-n-play! You will want to check your antenna pointing and force-range your system after replacing the transmitter / LNB assembly though!

Please contact us if you have any questions!

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