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HughesNet Gen5 Satellite Internet for RV’ers!

HughesNet recently launched their Jupiter 2 satellite which offers 25mbps x 3mbps speeds, but is rumored to be able to offer much more than that soon!

  • Imagine being able to stream Netflix, YouTube videos, while getting better speeds than DSL in many areas of the U.S.!
  • Imagine not being stuck with RV Park Internet which is usually just enough so that the RV Park can say they offer internet access!
  • Imagine being able to have high-speed Internet access anywhere, and being able to take it with you on the road and set it up wherever you need to!
  • Imagine having a solution that you can suspend when you’re not using it and fire up when you need it!
  • Imagine having US, English 24/7 support when you need it?

Well, all of this is possible with a HughesNet Gen5 VAR equipment and service solution from Montana Satellite Services / Montana Satellite Supply!

HughesNet Gen5 HT2000W Satellite Modem / RouterPortable Satellite Internet Systems

Before I go any further, I want to warn you that YOU CANNOT self-install or move around equipment that you order and purchase from standard HughesNet dealers or resellers on the Consumer or Business Internet platfrom!  HughesNet does not allow or support self-installation or portable use of their systems and they do not provide service for that purpose! You MUST purchase equipment and service from a VAR (Value-added reseller) dealer like Montana Satellite from Montana Satellite Supply in order to be able to self-install Gen5 or pack it around with you!

Montana Satellite Services / Montana Satellite Supply has been a VAR dealer and has supported portable satellite internet solutions such as the HughesNet Satellite Internet Systems for RV’ers, and other travelers and for the oil, gas, mining, construction, and other industries now for over 15 years! Some of our customers are so remote that they choose to go with one of our VAR solutions just so they don’t have to wait months for an installer to show up and/or so that they can maintain the equipment themselves if and when the need arises!



Montana Satellite Services also offers Nationwide sales and installation of HughesNet Gen5 residential and business satellite Internet systems for those who do not need self-installation or portable use and want to take advantage of equipment and service promotions and free standard professional installation!  Under our standard residential program, you can lease the system for $14.99 per month or purchase it for around $399 and monthly service plans start at just $49.99 for 10gig of data per month + you will get “bonus-bytes” of data to use during late-night and early morning hours.  For years we didn’t even bother offering satellite Internet in communities where DSL and other solutions are available, but now that HughesNet offers 25mbps x 3mbps speeds with possibly, even more, to come soon, HughesNet can now compete and could be a better solution than DSL, 3G/4G and other internet access solutions in many areas! The HughesNet Gen5 business plans are set up to give you more data than consumer plans during typical business hours than you have after hours!


Our VAR solutions that RV’ers can pack around for portable use and self-install and maintain do cost more than the standard consumer and business solutions!  We offer a basic Gen 5 equipment package for $699 plus shipping, but you’ll also need a DAPT2 meter for pointing and you’ll probably want some cable and a temporary mount to go with it as well!  Monthly service plans start at $89.99 instead of $49.99 and there are some terms and conditions that could cost you $400 more if you do not want to commit to a 2-Year contract and if you want the benefits of month-to-month service!  However, keep in mind that some people sign up for our Gen5 VAR plans over the consumer and Business Internet plans just to benefit from Montana Satellites’ U.S. based, English speaking, 24/7 support!


Now back to the satellite internet solutions for RV’ers that you can self-install and move around!  So, we offer HughesNet Gen5 (HT200oW), HughesNet Gen4 (HN9000), and we still sell and ship the HughesNet HN7000s equipment and provide monthly service for the HughesNet HN7000s systems as well!  Why?  Because speed isn’t always the most important thing to everyone! Each of these solutions have some unique characteristics and features as well as some drawbacks that could make one solution a better value than the other for you!  There are several factors that will determine which equipment and service package we would recommend to you including:

  • Coverage areas!  Some of these systems work in parts of Canada and Mexico while others do not!  (Gen5 Coverage areas) (HN7000s coverage areas!Update:  You can now use the HughesNet Gen5 systems with the E17 Gen4 satellite for service in the few areas that Gen5 service is not currently available!
  • Line-of-site / Satellites!   The HN7000s systems work with several different satellites, while Gen4 and Gen5 have to rely on 1 or 2 which could create line-of-site issues for some!
  • Fair Access Policy / Data Caps!  Every HughesNet system has a data cap!  The HN7000s has a daily data cap, while Gen4 and Gen5 are monthly!  Some offer free data periods, while others offer “bonus-bytes” in the middle of the night!  The HN7000s doesn’t count anything you upload against your data cap while Gen4 and Gen5 do!
  • Equipment and Service pricing varies from solution to solution, typically $400 – $1200 for equipment, with monthly service plans costing $49 – $109 per month!
  • Suspension Fees:  Some of our systems have service plans require a $15 per month suspension fee, while others do not!
  • Contracts vs. month-to-month service! Gen5 systems require a $400 contract termination fee to get into month-to-month service, while the HN7000s solutions do not!
  • Size, assembly, and setup:  Some of these systems are smaller than others and some take longer to set up than others! Some are easier to setup and take-down than others!
  • Speeds!  We know speeds are a deciding factor for many, and the speeds vary from equipment to equipment and plan to plan!


Montana Satellite Services can help you find the right solution for your needs, whether you need Internet access at your home or business, or on the road in your RV or at a remote construction site, oil rig, or at a community event in a rural area where other solutions are not available, we have a solution for you!  Sometimes HughesNet isn’t the right solution for your needs! We offer several other solutions as well, including Exede, iDirect, Iridium Voice/Data, BGAN solutions and more!  Let us help you find the best solution for your needs!

Call us today at 888-608-2299 or e-mail for more information!



Service Plans:

HughesNet Gen5 Residential / Consumer Monthly Service Plans (stationary installations only)

HughesNet Gen5 Business Monthly Service Plans  (stationary installations only)

HughesNet Gen5 VAR Monthly Service Plans (for self-installers and portable use)

HughesNet HN7000s Monthly Service Plans (for self-installers and portable use)


Equipment Packages:

(Any equipment required for our standard HughesNet residential or business plans will be provided by your installer!  The following links are for self-installers only!)

HughesNet Gen5 HT2000W Equipment Package  (for self-installers and portable use)

HughesNet Gen5 HT2000W Portable Kit (includes DAPT2, mount, cable, etc.)

HughesNet HN7000s Equipment Package

HughesNet HN7000s Portable Kit (includes mount, cable, wireless router, etc.)


Order Now:

Order HughesNet Gen5 for your home or business!

Order HughesNet Gen5 VAR service for self-installation and portable use!

Order HughesNet HN7000s VAR service for self-installation and portable use!


Support Links:

HughesNet Gen5 Support

HughesNet HN7000s Support

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