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HughesNet: Self installations, Portable Systems, Multiple Locations

We get calls almost every day regarding self-installing or moving around the new HughesNet HN9000 Ka band and HT1000 / HT1100 Gen 4 Jupiter Satellite Internet systems. Unlike the HughesNet HN7000s Ku band system, the HughesNet HN9000 and HT1000 and HT1100 Ka band systems use spot-beam technology and cannot be used in any location outside of the original installation location, and although many have tried, the HughesNet Ka band systems cannot be self-installed!

If you wish to move an HN9000 or HT1000 or HT1100 system to a new location, you will need to contact us or HughesNet and you MUST have a Certified Installer re-point the system for you, change your account location with HughesNet, and re-commission the unit at the new location.  However, we’ve been told that HughesNet will not allow you to move the system more than once or twice per year.  Even if you were to purchase an additional dish and transmitter for the “second” location, an installer would still be required to “move” the account on your behalf!  Therefore, the Ka band systems are not yet an option for portable installations and locations and self-installations!

HOWEVER… The HughesNet Ku Band HN7000s Satellite Internet Systems and Monthly Service Plans are still available though Montana Satellite Supply and are one of the few satellite Internet systems that can be moved around and self-installed!  These systems are in use at oil, gas, logging, mining an other sites and still power many of the mobile satellite Internet systems on the market today!  However keep in mind that HughesNet does not support or allow that type of use unless you are a HughesNet Certified Installer, and if you try to contact HughesNet to order an HN7000s system, they will insist on selling you on the newer HN9000 Spaceway, or a Gen 4 Jupiter HT1000 or HT1100 Ka band systems that can’t be moved around or self-installed!

We offer the HughesNet HN7000s .98m 2 watt systems an the HughesNet HN7000s 1.2m 2 watt systems and related HughesNet Ku Band Monthly Service Plans!

We also offer portable satellite Internet systems, portable automatic satellite Internet systems and fully-automatic mobile systems powered by HughesNet and other services, as well as in-motion systems that provide Internet access “on-the-move!”

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