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We get calls quite often from people in areas where they can get DSL or Cable Internet asking about our services, so we wanted to offer some information that may assist you in understanding what is out there and available to you and then you can decide, or we can help you decide which Internet Access method is right for your needs and your location(s), and your application! Be sure to contact us or check out our Free Consulting Services or submit our Free Bandwidth Survey Form to see which Internet solution is right for you!   While our offerings are mostly “satellite-based” solutions, we aren’t going to sell you on something you don’t need when there is something out there that is a better solution for you!

That being said, there are a variety of Internet Service Providers and platforms on the market including:



Dial-up services are still offered through many telephone companies to rural communities where DSL and Cable Internet is not yet available!  Dial-up services use your telephone line to dial into and connect to the Internet!  Dial-up certainly beats sending smoke signals, however most dial-up customers have found other alternatives now, usually with one of the satellite Internet service providers!

Usually the same companies that offer dial-up service, offer DSL as well, so some of the service providers that offer Dial-up and DSL Services in our area  (Flathead County in Northwestern Montana) include:


Satellite Internet:

Satellite Internet systems offer Internet access over a satellite dish that sends and receives information to and from a satellite in the southern skies!  Residential satellite Internet service providers such as DirecPC popped up as a way of offering dial-up customers something faster than dial-up for rural areas by receiving data over a satellite dish and sending data over a phone line.  Soon after DirecPC’s one-way systems were on the market, DirecWay introduced a residential “two-way” satellite Internet system that received AND sent information via satellite.  These systems could be used almost anywhere that had a clear view of the southern skies since they were no longer dependent on a telephone line!  Originally, satellite Internet systems were only about 10 times faster than dial-up services, but now satellite Internet systems have evolved to rival the speeds being offered by DSL and even Cable Internet services in some areas!  Satellite Internet services are available through HughesNet, WildBlue, Exede, Starband, iDirect, Gilat and others!  A variety of equipment options allow satellite Internet systems to be used in stationary, portable, mobile and fly-away applications making satellite Internet the most flexible Internet access solution on the market!  Satellite Internet is used for everything from providing Internet access at a remote cabin, oil rig, mine site, etc. to powering local credit card processing and lottery systems, to providing telephone (VoIP) and Intranet access for large corporations!  And, when you are watching that live news broadcast or sporting event on television… chances are that it was broadcast over a satellite Internet / Intranet system such as iDirect!  However, most residential satellite Internet systems are not very feasible for use with streaming video applications or real-time applications such as online gaming and so on simply because of the “latency” that occurs due to the satellite being 22,000 miles above Earth!  Be sure to contact us or check out our Free Consulting Services or submit our Free Bandwidth Survey Form to see which satellite Internet solution is right for you!

Montana Satellite Services offers almost every satellite Internet system and satellite Internet service on the market, including HughesNet, WildBlue, Exede, Starband, Gilat, iDirect, and others, so contact us for more information on satellite Internet access options at 888-608-2299!


Cellular 3G / 4G Services:

Most cellular service providers such as Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and others offer Internet access via smart phone “hotspots” or via separate wireless devices that use your cellular service to provide you with Internet access!  Cellular Internet services usually have a daily or monthly data limit and therefore may not be the best solution for streaming video and other bandwidth intense applications, however the portability and mobility make cellular 3G and 4G services a very good solution for many applications in areas where a strong / digital cellular signal is available!   And if you are in a weak cellular signal area, check out our Cellular Amplifiers / Boosters which can improve and extend your cellular coverage and signal in your home, business, vehicle or RV!

Some of the service providers that offer cellular 3G and 4G services in our area  (Flathead County in Northwestern Montana) include:


DSL (Digital Subscriber Line):

DSL is usually offered through your local telephone company, however is often bundled or resold through other providers as well!  Although typically not as fast as cable Internet, DSL usually provides unlimited Internet access with great speeds, performance and capabilities!  DSL can be used for Netflix and other bandwidth intense applications, however DSL is only available within so many miles of the telephone companies’ switches, however that usually extends beyond the reaches of most cable internet services!

Usually the same companies that offer dial-up service, offer DSL as well, so some of the service providers that offer Dial-up and DSL Services in our area  (Flathead County in Northwestern Montana) include:


Cable Internet:

Cable Internet is usually offered through your local cable company and is really the “preferred” Internet access solution to most residential markets!  If you live in an area where you can get cable television, then you can probable get cable Internet.  And most cable companies will offer you cable internet without cable TV service if so desired!  Cable Internet typically offers unlimited access with some of the fastest speeds available for Internet access today, although it isn’t the most secure Internet access option on the market!  Many homes and businesses in cable areas use cable internet access! Cable Internet can be used for Netflix and other bandwidth intensive applications!  Many cable companies offer Digital Phone Service which works similar to VoIP and offers telephone service via your Internet service which is usually much less expensive than standard telephone companies offer!

The Cable Internet provider that offers cable internet access services in our area  (Flathead County in Northwestern Montana) is:


Wireless Point-to-point Services:

P2P services are usually offered through a local wireless point-to-point service provider typically via a local radio tower or towers and usually requires a small antenna on the outside of your home or business!  It is a line-of-site service, and is only available in areas where you can see the tower(s).  Wireless Point-to-point services offer more security than DSL or Cable Internet systems as well as more service options and capabilities than some other options!  Many local businesses will prefer point-t0-point service simply for the capability, reliability, stability and security!

The Wireless Point-to-Point providers that offer point-to-point Internet access in our area  (Flathead County in Northwestern Montana) is:


Satellite Phone / Data / BGAN Services:

For people looking for a truly Global solution for Internet access, there are also satellite phone services such as Iridium, Inmarsat, Globalstar and other companies that offer  data services as well!  And there are also data systems out there that are designed solely for Internet or Intranet access!  These services work anywhere that they have a clear view to the skies above whether you are stationary, or in-motion!  These services are typically used for mobile and marine applications and some airlines use this type of service to provide their customers with voice / data access in flight!   The BGAN network uses the satellite phone / data satellites to provide voice / data connectivity for mobile and in-motion and in-flight application!   We offer the new Iridium GO , which is a device you can carry around with you that turns any smart phone into a Satellite Phone that will work anywhere that it can see the skies, and it’s also an Internet HotSpot, offering Internet access from almost anywhere in the World!  Of course this type of service is expensive and therefore has a select market to those who can justify the costs!  Contact us for details on the satellite phone / data and BGAN style systems and services that are available for your needs and application!

Montana Satellite Services offers almost every satellite communications system,  and satellite communications service on the market, including BGAN, Iridium, Inmarsat and others, so contact us for more information on satellite phone / data and Internet access options at 888-608-2299!  We also offer rentals of satellite phones, BGAN systems and other satellite communications equipment and services as well!

Contact us for information on the above services and equipment!

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