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We are excited to announce that we still offer limited support for MotoSAT mobile satellite television and MotoSAT Mobile Satellite Internet systems as well as offering HughesNet and iDirect service plans for use with MotoSAT systems!

We now offer software, firmware and satellite table (sat table) upgrades, updates, replacement aftermarket controllers and more for the MotoSAT mobile satellite television and mobile satellite Internet systems!

Even though MotoSAT went out of business a year or so ago, a few former MotoSAT dealers as well as some of the original MotoSAT engineers and design teams have gotten together to once again offer MotoSAT related parts, and supplies in order to support existing MotoSAT customers!

We have new firmware updates that offer several enhancements to improve your MotoSAT systems search and lock routines and more including:

• Fast Responsive Web Pages with Auto Refresh
• Works with all HTML Browsers
• New Modem only search!
• Better Search Routines
• Better final peak routines
• Works with all HNS (Hughes Modems)
• Works with iDirect 3100, 7000, X5 and X7 Modems
• Generic Search for all visible Geosynchronous Satellites
• Unlimited Satellite Drop Down Box
• Automatic Modem Configuration
• Automatic Satellite Table Configuration (GPS based)
• Import and export Configuration files
• Import and export Satellite Tables
• Identification methods, DVBS, DVB-S2, Modem, and NID

It is important to know that in order to benefit from this new firmware, you must either purchase a new controller or send your controller in to have a boot memory update and this new firmware loaded into your existing controller, but once that is done, you also now have a new level of support for your MotoSAT system and the cost of doing so is $799.00 + shipping!

We have access to most of the parts to keep your systems online and functioning, hopefully for several years to come, and if we don’t, we also offer several other Mobile Satellite Television Systems and Mobile Satellite Internet Systems and Services that will fit your needs!

We even offer new aftermarket controllers for the MotoSAT satellite television and MotoSAT satellite Internet systems that offer many new features and options over the original controllers! 

Need your MotoSAT controller repaired?  If so, we also offer repair and upgrade services for existing controllers as well!

And, in case you didn’t know:

  • We also still offer HughesNet Ku Band service plans for the HN7000s modems which were used with many of the MotoSAT satellite Internet systems powered by HughesNet as well!
    Click here to view some of the monthly service plan options and pricing that we have available under either “month-to-month” or “18 month” contract pricing! 
  • We also still offer HughesNet Galaxy service designed for VoIP and other bandwidth intense applications that the standard HughesNet residential platform would struggle to support!
    Contact us for information on that!
  • We also offer iDirect service plans for MotoSAT systems powered by iDirect, and we have many new iDirect service providers and plans available for you as well!  Contact us for info!

We offer: MotoSAT controller repairs, support for MotoSAT systems, MotoSAT software, MotoSAT firmware, MotoSAT satellite tables, MotoSAT upgrades, MotoSAT updated, update MotoSAT software, update MotoSAT firmware, satellite tables for motosat systems, including nomad, d1, d2, d2, d3, sd4, h1, j1 and more!  We offer support for the f1, xf1, f2, x2, f2, xf2, g74, g75, universal hd, md500 and other MotoSAT mounts!

Please contact us if we can be of assistance!

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