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Satellite Communications and Global Voice / Data Equipment & Services

We offer a variety of satellite Communications equipment and services that can offer you World-wide connectivity!

We are well known for our satellite Internet VoIP options with plans for residential, small business, fixed, mobile, and portable applications commonly used be Emergency Response Teams and in the Oil, Gas, Logging, Mining, Construction industries! We offer stationary installations and portable-automatic pointing solutions as well as fully automatic mobile systems and solutions from HughesNet, iDirect and others!

From handheld satellite phones to Word-wide in-motion voice / data systems for ground, sea and air, we will have a solution for your needs!

We feature Iridium products and services including the newest Iridium Extreme handheld satellite phones, and we will have the new Iridium Go, World-wide portable hot spot that turns your smart phone into a satellite phone and gives you wireless Internet access as well!

We also offer BGAN systems form Hughes, Inmarsat and others, commonly used for military and marine applications for in-motion data and communications!

This page is under construction, so for now, please contact us for more information!

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