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We offer fixed, mobile, portable, and in-motion satellite television equipment and services for use with DISH Network, DirecTV, Shaw Direct and Bell TV! We feature portable and carry-out satellite television systems as well as mobile satellite television systems from Eagle & Winegard as well as in-motion systems from Winegard & KVH!

Portable DISH Network Satellite Television Systems        DISH Network Tailgater portable automatic satellite television systems     portable and mobile satellite television systems    Eagle Mobile Satellite Television System for DISH Network or DirecTV    Winegard RT4000 Roadtrip In-Motion Satellite Television Systems


.Check out our Satellite Television Services page for more information! Some of these solutions are available for instant purchase from Montana Satellite Supply, our secure online store! We also offer custom setups and installations as well!   Here is an example of a DISH 1000.2 Satellite Dish on a ridge-roof mount (for pitched roofs) and painted to blend in! It also has a HotShot Satellite Dish Heater installed on it to prevent snow and ice buildup on the dish to help prevent signal loss!


Custom Installation - Painted Dish 1000.2 on Ridge-Roof Mount with Hot Shot Heater Kit