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HughesNet SBC Files

This page contains the current Satellite Based Commissioning (SBC) Files and related links and information for the Hughes and HughesNet HN7000s and other Ku Band Satellite Internet Systems!

The HughesNet SBC Files contain up-to-date satellite frequencies and parameters required for commissioning HughesNet Satellite Internet Systems and bringing them online!  You should update the SBC file in your modem to the latest version prior to attempting the registration / commissioning process!

This process should only be attempted by certified installers or as directed by a certified installer.  For more information and support, be sure to visit our product support section!

NOTE: You will need a “zip” program such as WinZip, 7-Zip, WinRar or equivalent in order to open the archived files below after downloading!

HughesNet Ku Band Modem SBC File Update Instructions

HughesNet SBC File downloads:

  • HughesNet HN7000s SBC File:  sbcNAD012617 (Archived version – requires WinZip, WinRar or other zip archive program to unzip)
  • HughesNet HN7000s SBC File in .CFG format:  sbcNAD012617  (link to Dropbox to download the cfg file ready to load into the modem)
  • HughesNet HN9200 SBC File: sbc9200_041712
  • HughesNet HX Series SBC File: sbc_NLV_HX_092512

If you require additional assistance with the SBC file update process, please contact us!