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Product Support: Hughes HX Satellite Internet Systems

This page contains information, links, downloads and support for HughesNet HX Series Satellite Internet Systems!  Here you will find HughesNet manuals, user guides and troubleshooting tips as well as any FAQ’s or Blogs related to Hughes HX50, HX90, HX200 and other HX Series Satellite Internet Systems distributed by Montana Satellite Supply!


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  • Hughes HX90 1.2m 2 watt Satellite Internet Systems
  • Hughes HX200 1.2m 6 watt Satellite Internet Systems



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Support Contacts:

  • Sales / Troubleshooting / Technical Support: Montana Satellite Services – Ph/Fx. (888) 608-2299 –
  • We offer Hughes HX Series Satellite Internet Systems and related parts, supplies & accessories at !
  • For Billing information and Support, please contact your Hughes HX Service Provider!


Software / Firmware / Utilities:

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Serious damage can occur to your HughesNet modems if you do not use the correct version of this software!  Use only when directed to do so!


Product User Manuals:



If you would like additional assistance with your Hughes HX Satellite Internet / Intranet / VSAT System, please feel free to contact us!