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satellite internet systems for rvs, coach, motorhomes, buses and more

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HughesNet Gen5 25mbps x 3mbps Satellite Internet Systems

RV DataSat 840 Mobile Satellite Internet Systems powered by iDirect

MTSAT Heavy Duty Satellite Dish Antenna Covers

HotShot Satellite Dish Heater Kits

Pole mount adapters / Mast Adapters

We offer Nationwide sales and installation for the new HughesNet Gen5 25mbps x 3mbps Satellite Internet systems!  If you want an additional layer of support that you won’t get from most National resellers or telemarketers, order from Montana Satellite Services!  We offer the same pricing and promotions as any other dealer and we care about our customers and support them 24/7 when necessary!  We aren’t just sales people… we are very knowledgeable and experienced sales, installation, and support providers!  Maybe HughesNet isn’t right for you, we can discuss other solutions as well!

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for Puerto Rico and parts of the Virgin Islands!


On the go?  Need something you can self-install or move around?  Looking for better service and support?
Check out our self-installable, portable HughesNet Gen5 Business Internet systems and services!

Portable Satellite Internet Solutions from Montana Satellite 

We are now shipping the new HughesNet Gen5 25mbps x 3mbps High-Speed Satellite Internet systems!
When purchased from us, these systems can be moved around with one of our mobile-enabled service plans!
It’s a great solution for RV’ers, the construction, oil, gas, mining and other industries and events!
We also offer Nationwide sales, installation, and support for the consumer and business platforms as well!
The new HT2000w satellite modem/router comes with built-in dual-band AC WiFi networking!
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Portable Satellite Internet Systems from Montana Satellite Services

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Mobile Satellite Television Systems from Montana Satellite Services

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HughesNet HN7000s Monthly Service Plans and Packages from Montana Satellite Services

MotoSAT Support and Upgrades from Montana Satellite Services

Other Products and Services include:

Satellite Dish Covers      Satellite Dish Heaters     Installation Supplies

HughesNet Systems     HughesNet Parts     iDirect Systems & Services     iDirect Parts


We provide fixed, mobile, and portable wireless Satellite Internet access, Satellite Communications, Satellite Television and Satellite Radio Equipment, Systems, and Services as well as installation and support for rural and remote areas of the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Haiti, Cuba and more!   We offer a “NO-BULL” approach to satellite related sales by offering almost every satellite system and service available on the planet so that we can get you into the best system and service for your needs! 

.We have over 20 years of experience in the computer, satellite & communications industries and deal with hundreds of products and services relating to satellite Internet / Intranet, satellite communications and remote connectivity as well as related accessories and solutions!  Even if we do not offer the best product and service for your needs, we will point you in the right direction!



Internet access via Satellite

Stationary Satellite Internet Systems & Services

Portable Satellite Internet Solutions from Montana Satellite

Portable Satellite Internet Systems & Services

Mobile auto-acquire Satellite Internet Systems & Services

Global Voice/Data Systems & Services

Handheld Satellite Phones Sales and Rentals

Handheld Satellite Phones Sales and Rentals


Type:    Fixed (Stationary), Portable, Mobile, Global

Brand:  HughesNet, Exede, WildBlue, iDirect, ViaSat

Mount:  MotoSAT, RV DataSat, Virgin, General Dynamics, iNetVu / C-COM, AVL, Winegard

Platform:  HughesNet Ku (HN7000s), HughesNet Ka (Gen 4 – Spaceway), HughesNet Ka (Gen 4 – Jupiter), HughesNet HX, Exede Ka, iDirect Ku Band, iDirect C Band

Solution:  Residential / Consumer, Home-office / Small Business, Corporate / Enterprise


 Our Best Selling & Most Affordable Portable / Mobile automatic Satellite Internet System!

RV DataSat 840The new RV DataSAT 840, RV DataSat 845 (Enterprise) and DataSat 1200 are HERE!

Powered by iDirect!

Finally once again… a mobile satellite Internet system priced for RV’ers and perfect for many others starting at just $6495.00!
An enterprise version with a rack mount controller is also now available!
The DataSat 840 is priced for consumers, RV’ers and others!
The DataSat 845 can be used with several different iDirect Service Providers and Plans!
The new DataSat 1200 will support more service providers and plans and larger coverage areas!
Also… ask about DirecTV capability for your RV DataSat system!
Featuring “Bandwidth by the Bucket” plans with no contract!
Perfect for emergency services, wildland firefighting teams, backup solutions and more



Stationary, Portable, and Mobile Satellite Television

We offer stationary, portable and mobile satellite television systems and services for DISH Network and DirecTV!

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Type:   Fixed (Stationary), Portable, Mobile (Stationary), Mobile (In-motion)

Brand:   DISH Network, DirecTV, Shaw, Bell TV, Free-to-Air, Online Streaming

Mount:  MotoSAT, Eagle, Winegard, KVH

Solution:  Residential, Commercial



Global Voice / Data

Satellite Phones | Satellite Pagers | Satellite Portable HotSpots | in-Motion Voice / Data

Type:  Fixed (Stationary), Portable (Stationary), Portable (In-motion), Mobile (Stationary), Mobile (In-motion), Marine, Air

Brands:  Hughes BGAN, Iridium, Inmarsat, Globalstar


Satellite Dish Covers / Satellite Dish Heaters

We also offer the largest selection of satellite dish covers and satellite dish heaters on the market!

Satellite Dish Covers

Prevent snow and ice from blocking your signal with one of our MTSAT Heavy Duty Satellite Dish Covers!




General Dynamics 1.2m Mobile Satellite Internet Systems

Set up for HughesNet but up-gradable for iDirect – $7500.00?

and others looking for affordable mobile satellite Internet access!
general_dynamics_mobile_vsat_systems_2985Click here for details!


Ground Control T-100 MSS Trailers

(8 – Used from $15,000 each)

and others looking for mobile satellite Internet / VoIP access!
Ground Control T-100 TCC Trailers - UsedClick here for details!


We offer sales, service, installation and support! We services what we sell!



Here are some of the more popular brands we carry:

HughesNet Satellite Internet Systems         Exede Satellite Internet Systems and Services            iDirect Satellite Internet Systems and Services    

DISH Network Satellite Television Services           DirecTV Satellite Television       Bell Satellite Television       Shaw Direct Satellite Teleivsion

AVL Satellite Internet / Intranet VSAT Equipment Systems         iNetVu Mobile Satellite Internet / Intranet Equipment Systems and Services         General Dynamics Satellite Internet / Intranet Equipment Systems and Services        Winegard Mobile Satellite Internet Equipment, Systems and Serivces

We offer sales, service, installation, and repair of residential, commercial, fixed, mobile, marine and portable and in-motion satellite television, internet/intranet and global communications systems to the World from our home in the Big Sky Country of Northwestern Montana!   What can we offer you?

And that’s not all!  In fact, we offer such a wide variety of products and services that you will want to make use of our consulting services to help you determine the best products and services for your needs and budget! And don’t worry… we are not just salesmen!  We have experience in the installation, service, and support for most of the products and services we offer!



Check out our secure online store at for a complete line-up of satellite systems, parts, supplies, accessories, installation tools, satellite signal meters, test equipment, and be sure to check out our selection of satellite dish covers and satellite dish heaters! We offer the largest selection available on the Internet including our own line of MTSAT Heavy Duty Satellite Dish Covers which we have available to fit almost any satellite dish antenna on the market today!

Montana Satellite Services provides installation, maintenance and support services for HughesNet, SpaceNet, Telesat, Tachyon, Techlink, Skyvista, USSI, LBISat, Expedition, and other National and International satellite equipment and service providers!  If they trust us, you can too!