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Montana Satellite Services specializes in satellite Internet systems and services for fixed, portable, mobile, in-motion and marine applications!  We provide over 15 years of experience in the industry,  offering sales, installation and support for these products and services throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico from our home in the beautiful Flathead Valley of Northwestern Montana!  We also other satellite related products such as satellite television, satellite telephone and satellite radio equipment and services!

Our sister company, Montana Satellite Supply, offers a secure online store for purchasing satellite related equipment, systems, parts, installation supplies, tools and accessories! We also manufacture and distribute our own line of Satellite Dish Covers and we carry a the largest selection of Satellite Dish Heaters and Satellite Anti-icing / De-icing systems on the market!

We are also a contract installation and service provider for several National and International Satellite Network Operations Centers and Satellite Service Providers including: HughesNet, SpaceNet, Verizon, USSI, Techlink, Expedition, Satcom, Telesat, Tachyon, LBISat, Network Innovations Associates, X2NSat, Expedition Communications, Isotropic Networks, and others!

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