We have received several comments regarding Exede Satellite Internet services and reports of even many of our 5mb x 1mb customers receiving much faster speeds than they originally signed up for!

While we are not allowed to use this in our marketing or promotions or make any promises as to what you would actually receive as an Exede customer, we’re just pointing out that it’s really nice to hear good news and reviews sometimes since we somewhat use to people receiving lower speeds than what they are paying for with most other providers and services, since most “shared bandwidth” providers only advertise MAXIMUM speeds obtainable under certain conditions!

Who knows how long this will last, but word is that there are big changes on the horizon that could open the door to even faster service with much higher data caps so that you and I will be able to do more faster!

We offer local sales and installation for Exede Satellite Internet equipment and services around Western Montana!

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