Map of Cuba

We are happy to announce that we are one of a few select dealers who are now able to offer HughesNet satellite Internet access in Cuba via the HughesNet HN7000s and HX Ku-band VAR platforms!  Only 18-month Term contract accounts are being offered in Cuba!

The HughesNet Gen5 Jupiter services and other HughesNet platforms are not available in Cuba at this time!

There is an application process involved!  The following is an overview of the process and procedures!

Request a HughesNet HN7000s VAR account for Cuba now!




The application process for obtaining service in Cuba can take 3 – 5 business days!  HughesNet and the State Department reviews each application thoroughly to ensure the applicant has not had an account with HughesNet in the past that was locked for billing and/or other issues or canceled and locked for being used in Cuba before it was legal to do so and before this new authorization process!  We have no control over HughesNet’s decision whether to provide you service or not, therefore, we strongly recommend that you apply for an account prior to purchasing equipment just to make sure your request will be approved!  We also have no control over local laws regarding the use of HughesNet in Cuba including the placement of antennas and so on!  If you have any doubts about those legalities, we strongly encourage you to check with Cuban authorities accordingly!



The following 24-month contract service plans are available to qualifying applicants!

HughesNet Satellite Internet plans available in Cuba






















Please take some time and look over the information and details regarding our HughesNet HN7000s VAR accounts and services on the link above!  Be sure to check out the daily data caps, fair access policies, acceptable use policies, and so on prior to requesting an account as these accounts are different than those offered with the HughesNet Consumer Platform.  Please contact us if you have any questions prior to ordering!

  • HughesNet Account Request Form  (There is a one-time $50 setup fee for these accounts which is billed to you upon account approval!  If your account is not approved the $50 will not be billed!
  • Credit Card Authorization Form:  Once we receive your account request form, we will e-mail you a Credit Card Authorization Form which must be filled out completely and hand signed!  Once that form is received, we will submit your account for the review!
  • Once approved, we will e-mail you so that we can discuss your starting service date and provide you with your new Site Account Number (SAN) and PIN and instructions for commissioning your HN7000s modem and getting online! If you are not approved for whatever reason, we will contact you accordingly and refund your setup fees!



At this time, we cannot ship equipment directly to Cuba, we can only ship it to U.S. addresses, so you will need to use a Freight Forwarder or another delivery method to get any HughesNet equipment from the U.S. to Cuba!

  • A clean HN7000s modem is required for service!  If you have had HughesNet in the past, chances are that your HN7000s modem will not be able to be used with your new HughesNet VAR account!  HughesNet HN7000s modems cannot be used if it is still tied to an active or inactive HughesNet account or locked from a previous account
    • Feel free to send us your HN7000s modem serial number if you would like us to check the status of it for you, however, it’s important you know that we cannot guarantee the results will be accurate!
    • We recommend running through the commissioning process to see if your modem will pop up the blank SAN and PIN boxes so that you can enter a new SAN and PIN prior to requesting an account!  If it pops up a Welcome message instead, it cannot be used on your new HughesNet VAR account!
    • We also offer service to Cuba on the HX platform which is more powerful and usually recommended for business-type applications!  Please contact us for information on that platform!



We do have a contract installation provider in Cuba for installation assistance however, it is also possible to self-install these systems if and when necessary although HughesNet recommends the use of a certified installer for this process!  If your system does not meet specific installation guidelines and does not meet and maintain certain signal strength and signal quality requirements, we will not be able to provide you with service!  Please contact us for additional information and instructions for installation and commissioning or check out our HughesNet HN7000s Product Support Page for more details!

HughesNet Satellite Internet access from Cuba is being offered on the following satellites:

  • Satmex 5/8 @ 117 West
  • IA8 / G28 @ 89 West
  • Horizon 1 @ 127 West!

You must have an adequate antenna size for your location in Cuba!  We recommend a .98m or larger antenna for and actual requirements vary according to your exact location in Cuba!  Feel free to contact us for details or check out SatBeams for a handy guide to antenna size requirements from areas in and around Cuba!

We look forward to providing you HughesNet Satellite Internet Services!