We are a unique provider of the newest HughesNet Gen5 Jupiter high-speed satellite internet systems on a VAR (Value-added Reseller) Platform!

Awesome support!    Huge data plans!   Self-installable Systems!    Portable Systems!

Tired of slow or no Internet access wherever you are or wherever you go?

portable satellite internet systems and services
  • Fixed / Stationary Satellite Internet Systems for homes or businesses that can be self-installed and self-maintained!
  • Portable Satellite Internet Systems:  Take it with you wherever you go and use it anywhere in our coverage areas!
  • Mobile Automatic Auto-deploy and Fly-away Systems are available that get you connected with the touch of a button!
  • Self-installable:  Assemble, setup, install and maintain your own system!
  • Custom mounts and installation options that are not available on other HughesNet platforms and providers!
  • Coverage Areas: Continental U.S., Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands and parts of Alaska, Canada, and Mexico!
  • Support: We offer better over-all service and support than other satellite internet systems and service providers!
  • Speeds: 25mbps x 3mbps speeds with unlimited data (throttles to around 2mbps if and when you exceed your base data)
  • Monthly Service Plans:  Many plans to choose from starting at $89.95 per month for 35gigs of full-speed data!
  • Month-to-Month, Seasonal and On-demand plans are available for an additional fee!
  • Purchase Additional Data:  If you run out of full-speed data, you can purchase more data at $3 per gig to get you through!
  • Hughes Voice (VoIP) Services are available
  • Residential and Small Businesses customers love the support that comes with our VAR Business Internet Platform! (English and Spanish)
  • RV’ers love this system and pack it around with them and set it up wherever they go to get high-speed internet access from almost anywhere!
  • The oil, gas, mining and construction industries love the portability and self-maintenance options that come with these systems and services!
  • Emergency services agencies use our systems and services for mobile clinics and mobile command centers for wildfires and other disasters and events!
  • Venders love the ability to set up at remote events, trade shows, etc. and have their own secure network to place orders and process credit card transactions!
  • Backup Systems can prevent lost revenue and keep your customers happy if your main internet fails!  Our systems work great for backup internet access!


We have built a new website just for these systems and services!  Please visit https://ispsat.com or contact us at (888) 608-2299 for more information!