We offer a variety of cellular products and accessories such as cellular boosters, amplifiers, docking stations, signal blockers, and more!   We are one of the only professional cellular amplifier installation companies in the Northwestern U.S. that installs systems for residential, business, fixed, mobile, portable and marine applications!

We feature products from Wilson and ClearRF as well as Panasonic, and others to offer our customers the cellular solutions they need!

Cellular Amplifiers / Boosters:  Cellular amplifiers can be used to extend the normal service area by 5 – 50 miles, depending on your area.  They can be installed permanently in homes or business, or used in vehicles to enhance the cellular signals on the go!  The kits usually consist of an outdoor antenna, a booster / amplifier, and an inside antenna or cellular phone cradle.   When combined with a “link-to-cell” cordless phone system, you can provide reliable cellular phone service through-out your home or business via a cordless phone system!  There systems are great for bringing a weak signal into a building!  Many box-stores located in weak cellular areas use these systems so that there workers and customers can have cellular connectivity through-out the complex!  Check out our cellular amplifiers and signal boosters in our secure online store!

Docking Stations:  Cellular docking stations allow you to use your cellular phone service and phone number through-out your home.   Your cellular phone connects to a docking station which ties into your home’s telephone lines and uses normal corded or cordless phones to place and receive calls over your existing cellular phone number and cellular service provider!   Some docking stations connect directly to the cellular phone, while most newer models use Bluetooth.  Contact us for more information!

Panasonic “Link-to-Cell” Systems:  Imagine purchasing a cordless telephone system for your home or business that could use your cellular phone number and cellular service?  Well, now you can!  With Panasonic’s “Link-to-Cell” cordless telephone system that connects to your cellular phone via Bluetooth technology!   There are many applications for this product!

  • Some homes only have a good cellular signal in one room or another or on one end of the home or business or the other.  With the link-to-cell” system you can place the base where-ever the cellular phone has the best service and use the power of the 900Mhz cordless phone system through-out the rest of your home or business!
  • Our RV’ers out there LOVE this system as it allows them to leave their cell phone plugged in and fully charged all the time so that they can talk on their cordless phones for hours without worrying about battery life!
  • Why have to run to or search for one phone all of that time?   With the “link-to-cell” systems, you can have several cordless phones through-out your home, business, RV, etc. so you no longer have to run to the phone or try to find that one cellular phone when you want to receive or place a call!
  • Classy!  Tired of paying for a landline and cellular service just so you can have a “home phone” ?   This system solves that problem by giving you one service at work, home or play!  And it works with almost any Bluetooth phone, so if dad leaves the home with his phone, mom can connect hers to the system and benefit from it as well!

We offer the Panasonic “Link-to-Cell” Cordless Phone System for sale in our secure online store!

Cellular Signal Blockers:  Some businesses and government facilities restrict the use of cellular devices in or around their site!  We have cellular signal blockers that can be installed to prevent cellular use inside or around your home, business, or other facility.  Cellular Signal Blockers are often used at troubled-youth centers, prisons, and other facilities!  Contact us for more information!

Check out our cellular products and accessories in our secure online store!
Contact us for any of your cellular products, accessories or service needs!


Here are a few other cool, somewhat related, products and services that may help you:

VoIP:  Voice-over-Internet products and services allow you to place and receive telephone calls over your Internet service!  VoIP products and services are becoming more and more common today!  They usually offer lower pricing than standard telephone service and usually include free long distance and other features! And, when combined with a satellite Internet system, VoIP allows you to have reliable phone service from rural or remote locations where phone service and cellular service is not available!  Check out our VoIP services for more information!

Satellite Phones / Data Systems:  If you are searching for truly Global connectivity, check out our satellite communications options!  We have handheld and fixed mount satellite phones for residential, commercial, mobile, marine and aircraft applications as well as wireless hotspots and more, that are powered by Iridium, Inmarsat, Globalstar and other satellite communications providers!  Check out our Satellite Communications Products and Services for more information!

Home Phone Services via Cellular:   Some cellular companies like “Straight-Talk” offer “Home Phone Service” that uses a cellular modem to receive a cellular signal to power a standard corded or cordless phone system in your home or business!  With Straight-talk’s “Home Phone Service” only costing around $15 a month, it’s hard to beat!  And better yet, you can take the device with you if you move around a lot!  This is s nice affordable way to have home phone service without having to pay $30 – $60 per month to a telephone company!  This service has several applications:

  • First, why pay a regular telephone company $30 a month + long distance, plus additional $$ for voice-mail, caller-id and other calling features, when you can get free long distance, voice-mail, caller ID and all of that from Straight Talk for around $15 per month?
  • One of our customers’ moms had to go into a nursing home in another town!  They wanted to keep her telephone number, but CenturyLink would not let her since it was in another prefix.  The “Home Phone Service” allowed them to plug in a device in their mom’s room at the nursing home so that she could use her regular phone from home that she was use to, and she was able to port her original number over to Straight-talk so that now she will always have her original phone number!  When they moved her to a different room, they just unplugged the home-phone adapter and plugged it back in in the new room!  And, if she moves to another nursing home or assisted living facility or gets to go back to her apartment, she can take it with her!  And best of all, she’s no longer paying $30 – $80 for her monthly phone bill or long distance bills since Straight Talk doesn’t charge for long distance and offers free voice-mail and other features that most telephone companies charge for!


Long-Range Cordless Phone Systems:  Can you imagine what you could do with a cordless phone system that can reach up to 5 – 7 miles?  We have them!  If you are tired of losing signal around your home or business, or farm for that matter, one of our long-range cordless phone solutions may be right for you!  When combined with our cellular docking stations or the “Home Phone Service” you can use these systems miles away from your home or business!  This system has several useful applications:

  • One of our customers has who is on a cleanup project at a remote mine in Washington State uses the long-range cordless phone system to stay connected!  The base unit is plugged into the temporary office “container” phone line, and they are able to carry the phone with them through-out the site.   Since there is no cellular service in the area, they can walk around the site and still place and answer calls!
  • One of our customers is a farmer / rancher in Eastern Montana and although cellular service doesn’t reach his home / ranch, he plugged in our long-range cordless phone system and now he never misses a call and he has a phone to use in case of Emergencies!  He takes it with him in his tractor and while working in his shop or milking the cows!
  • Oil, gas, mining and logging camps use the long-range phone systems to stay connected through-out their site where normal cordless phones would never stay connected!  Imagine being able to drive a couple miles up the road to your warehouse and still be able to place and receive calls, even where cellular service is not available?

We offer these Long-Range Cordless Phone Systems for sale in our secure online store!

Check out our cellular products and accessories in our secure online store!
Contact us for any of your cellular products, accessories or service needs!