Cellular Amplifiers / Signal Boosters work with any handheld cellular phone and there is no need to connect a cable or wire to the phone to be able to benefit from the cellular amplifier systems. We carry ClearRF Cellular Amplifiers and Accessories and Wilson Cellular Amplifiers and Accessories as well as provide installation and support for those products!

A cellular amplifier can bring reliable, hassle-free cellular service to areas of little or no coverage. We offer cellular amplification equipment for mobile and in-building use. If your home or business is located just outside of reasonable cellular service areas, in other words… if you can stand outside of your home or business and pick up a bar or two every once in awhile… a cellular amplifier system will more than likely work perfect for you to provide you with excellent cellular signal in a large area of your home or business! No more dropped calls! If you have a hard time making calls from inside your vehicle or vessel, we have a cellular amplification system for that too!

We also offer cellular docking stations and “link-to-cell” cordless phone systems that allow you to use your cellular phone number on a regular cordless phone system though-out your home, which not only extends your range, but allows you to keep your cell phone next to your cellular amplifier at all times for the best signal quality!

How do you tell which product is best for you?  Here is some of our experience with both brands!


ClearRF Cellular Amplifiers and Signal Boosters

ClearRF is a company based out of Spokane, WA. We have been a dealer for them since 2011! They found out that we were a Wilson dealer and they offered to send us an amplifier kit free of charge so that we could try it out. We were amazed at how well it performed for us, in fact for us, it worked much better than the Wilson Amplifiers we had installed in our service rigs previously. We experienced more range and so on with the ClearRF amps, so we decided to become a dealer for them as well! The GOOD news is that ClearRF offers a solid product that competes with Wilson very well in the 3G markets! The BAD news is that ClearRF does not offer a 4G product yet, so we sell a lot of Wilson amps also! The OTHER BAD news is that ClearRF does not make a good “area” antenna, in other words, you will want to keep your phone as close to the patch antenna as we can or even velcroed to the little inductive antenna that comes with the kit for the best service! For instance in our rigs, we have a cradle mount and we have the indoor antenna inside of our cradle for the best possible signal quality! You can velcro it to the back of your phone also, which works well if you are one of those people that still hold the phone to your ear while driving, although we obviously don’t recommend that!

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Wilson Electronics Cellular Amplifiers and Signal Boosters

Wilson has been around a long time and is a pioneer in the cellular amplifier industry! They are always coming out with new and exciting products and their pricing isn’t too bad either! They now offer 4G amplifiers, so that makes them pretty popular over the older 3G amplifier technology! The have specialized antennas for trucks and RV’s and many features and options that aren’t yet available with the ClearRF products. Wilson’s in-building systems have optional panel and dome antennas that are used to cover an entire room of the home. This is another advantage Wilson has over ClearRF. You can also daisy chain Wilson amplifiers with in-line amps / boosters to create an even stronger amplification system, which we have not tried to do with ClearRF amplifiers yet!

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