Satellite Phones and Hot Spots for Global Voice / Data

We offer Iridium, Globalstar, Inmarsat and other satellite phone  / satellite paging equipment, systems, services and rentals!

Satellite Phone Equipment and Services allow you to stay connected from almost anywhere in the World! Satellite phones are similar to cellular phones, however instead of using land-based towers for service, they receive service from several satellites flying around overhead! Newer satellite phone systems offer data connectivity options as well for Internet access in remote locations!

Satellite Phone Service is similar to cellular service in that we offer pre-paid and post-paid service plans! You can usually purchase a pre-paid card good for so many minutes, or pay a base fee and be billed for your monthly use depending on what is most feasible for your application!

We also offer satellite phone / data equipment and packages for mobile and marine applications as well!

Check out our secure online store to view our selection of handheld satellite phones, pagers and more which are available for immediate purchase!
Or contact us to see which satellite phone and /or paging equipment and service is right for your needs, or click on the links below for more information!

Click the links below for more information!

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Iridium Satellite Phone Equipment, Services and Rentals
Globalstar Satellite Phone Equipment, Systems, Services and Rentals
Inmarsat Satellite Phone Equipment, Systems and Services

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Contact us to see which satellite phone equipment and service is right for your needs!