We offer several VoIP (voice-over-internet) equipment and services solutions as well as the satellite Internet systems to power them!  VoIP systems and services provide telephone capabilities over an Internet connection!  You can either get a VoIP Adapter that you plug into your Internet service and then just plug a standard corded or cordless phone or phone system into, or you can get a VoIP telephone or telephone system that is designed to plug directly into your wired or wireless router or modem!

And now, thanks to satellite Internet systems such as HughesNet, iDirect and others, you can now have telephone service almost anywhere that you have a view to the southern skies!

You’ve probably heard about VoIP services such as Skype, Magic Jack, Vonage, Net2Phone or others!  Most of these work well over the typical DSL or Cable Internet connections, however if you have DSL or Cable Internet, chances are you have a telephone line anyway!  🙂   However, they may not work well, if at all over the typical residential satellite Internet systems that are so commonly used in rural and remote locations!  So, it’s important that you make sure that the satellite Internet equipment and service, and monthly service plan you have can support the VoIP service!   Our consulting services can help nail down the right system and service for your needs and budget!

Many of our HughesNet Satellite Internet system customers use Skype to make audio calls to family and friends, and it works “OK” sometimes, but it’s not ideal by any means!  And although HughesNet just released some newer, faster satellite Internet systems (Spaceway and Jupiter Gen 4) that are advertised to support VoIP services, it is not yet available in many areas!

We offer several satellite Internet systems and services that support VoIP and can provide you with telephone service in rural or remote areas!  These services are commonly used in the oil, gas, mining, logging and construction industries to provide communication from remote locations!   Emergency Services personnel can use VoIP from disaster sites and remote areas where cellular service is not available or is unreliable!

When someone calls us stating that they need reliable phone service from their remote location, we help them to analyze their needs!   After all there are several other solutions on the market, such as cellular amplifiers that may bring in a weak cellular signal enough so you can use your cellular service!   If you don’t make a lot of calls or only call family and friends, then maybe a two-way radio phone will be more affordable for you!  Maybe a handheld satellite phone  would work best for you, however they are expensive to use!   But from there, we can go over a variety of satellite Internet systems and VoIP services!

We have put together a list of prioritized communications methods according to cost, quality and capability:

  • Landline Phone Service (the best option for voice quality and reliability)
  • Cellular Phone Service (great for voice and Internet when a reliable signal is achieved)
  • Cellular Phone Service using a Cellular Amplifier  (good solution if reliable signal is achieved)
  • Two-way radio phone service (typically more expensive than cellular, and not at all private)
  • Satellite Phone (expensive to purchase, expensive to use, indoor use requires outdoor antenna)
  • HughesNet Satellite Internet System with Skype (low quality, never guaranteed, broken, dropped calls sometimes)
  • HughesNet Satellite Internet System with HughesNet Voice Service (not available in many areas, uses up FAP limits)
  • iDirect w/ standard VoIP  (provides more reliable service than HughesNet with Skype or HughesNet Voice)
  • iDirect w/ NOC based VoIP (a solid, reliable, and our most popular solution for remote areas where landlines and cellular services are not available)
  • iDirect w/ NOC based VoIP, CIR, and more  (the best voice / data solution for rural or remote areas)

And even though it’s unrelated to VoIP services, we also offer other neat communications products such as a “Cordless Phone System” that uses your cellular phone’s Bluetooth technology so you can use a regular cordless phone system around your home or business that is using your cellular phone number and service!  There are many benefits to using a system like this!

We also offer a cordless phone system that will work for up to 5 – 7 MILES from your home… yes… MILES!  You can only imagine how many people can benefit from that!  Farmers, ranchers, campground hosts, etc.

We are rural and remote site communications specialists and we have a system and service for you!  Contact us so that we can help you determine which solution is best for your needs and budget!