Hughes HX Satellite Internet Systems

We provide sales, service, installation and support of HughesNet HX Equipment and Services! Hughes HX is a High Performance IP Satellite Broadband Systems and Services Solution available in parts of North America, South America and other areas of the World! Contact us for availability in your area! The HX System is designed and optimized for carrier-grade IP broadband networking and specialized applications such as on-the-move communications and mesh networking. The system is a broadband satellite system with an economical gateway earth station and high-performance remote terminals that scales from hundreds of terminals to thousands.

Target Markets include:

  • Broadband Internet / Intranet access
  • GSM/3G/4G backhaul
  • Maritime, air, and ground-based mobile networks
  • MPLS extension or replacement services
  • Embassy and government secure networks
  • Private leased-line services
  • Voice/video/data trunking for mesh networks
  • SCPC/MCPC replacement links

Hughes HX Gateways

The core component of the HX System is the HX Gateway, which acts as the system master and includes the network management and dynamic bandwidth assignment manager. The HX Gateway uses a DVB-S2 carrier with Adaptive Coding and Modulation (ACM) for the outbound channel received by all HX System remote terminals. HX remote terminals utilize FDMA/TDMA channels to communicate back to the HX Gateway (star mode) or to each other (mesh mode).

Efficiency and flexibility in utilizing satellite bandwidth are core to the design of the HX System. Each link, in star or mesh mode, can be configured to provide a QoS tailored for an individual remote terminal or group of terminals (iQoS). Each remote link can be independently configured with unique Committed Information Rates (CIRs), thereby allowing a service provider to develop a service tailored to their customers’ specific requirements. In addition, the HX System bandwidth allocation scheme is designed so that idle terminals can be configured to release all bandwidth assignments thus ensuring optimal bandwidth utilization.


Hughes offers a complete Network Management System (NMS) that provides all of the capabilities and tools needed to monitor and control all components and aspects of a Hughes satellite network.

  •  ExpertNMS


Advanced Features

The HX System offers numerous advanced system features that cater to specialized applications and operations enhancements.

  •  On-the-Move (Mobility)
  • Mesh and Multi-Star Mesh
  • Hub Redundancy and Diversity
  • Virtual Network Operators (VNO)

Hughes HX Satellite Routers

Hughes offers a broad range of HX satellite routers which cover the spectrum of applications. All HX broadband satellite routers support LDPC coding on the return channel, dual IPv6/IPv4 operation and dual LAN ports. Many of the HX satellite routers are designed with high-throughput performance which is required for next generation Ka-band satellite systems.

The IPoS Advantage

The HX System and all HX System Satellite Routers are fully IPoS compliant. IPoS is a global standard for IP transmission over satellites that was developed by HUGHES and was the first to be approved by the world’s three major standards bodies: TIA in North America (TIA-1008), ETSI in Europe (ETSI TS 102 354), and ITU globally (ITU-R S.1709 and ITU-R BO.1724). ETSI also approved the IPoS.v2 air interface standard, which incorporates the DVB-S2 industry standard, including Adaptive Coding and Modulation (ACM).

Hughes HX Equipment

Hughes HX equipment is available for cash purchase without the need for a contract, however Hughes will require you to sign up to a contract in order to obtain monthly service for these HX Systems. We offer HX Equipment and several different HughesNet HX Equipment Packages, depending upon your needs!

Hughes HX Hardware:
Modems / Routers
Hughes HX90 Satellite Modem / Router (with service agreement) $725.00
Hughes HX90 Satellite Modem / Router (without service agreement) $1075.00
Hughes HX200 Satellite Modem / Router (with service agreement) $1850.00
Hughes HX200 Satellite Modem / Router (without service agreement) $2150.00
1.2m Antenna – $600.00
1.8m Antenna – $1600.00
2.4m Antenna – $6400.00
2 Watt Rembrandt – $600.00
3 Watt Linear BUC – $950.00
4 Watt Linear BUC – $1950.00
6 Watt Linear BUC – $2995.00
Trimast wall / roof mount (1.2m only) – $75.00
Contact us for pricing on other mounts and accessories!


Hughes HX Service

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