iDirect Satellite Internet Systems and Services

iDirect Satellite Internet Systems

We offer residential, commercial and enterprise level iDirect satellite Internet / Intranet VSAT Systems & Services for fixed, portable, and mobile applications!

iDirect is several steps above the standard residential and small business Satellite Internet systems since it offers bandwidth for more intense Internet applications such as VoIP, VPN, etc. and supports multiple connections and concurrent users!  iDirect is typically used to provide everything from reliable data only services for secure credit card processing and machine monitoring applications (M2M, SCADA, etc.), to providing Internet / Intranet access and VoIP (Telephone) Services to remote areas up to Audio / Video streaming for Live Video Conferencing and even Live Event Television Broadcasting in HD!

We have many customers that upgraded from HughesNet to iDirect simply for reliable VoIP, or one of our “unlimited data plans” or simply to provide WiFi for more than 1 or 2 people at a time!  Ask us how iDirect can work for you!


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