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We have worked in the Mobile Satellite Television and Mobile Satellite Internet markets since 2002 and we offer MotoSat, iNetVu, Winegard, Ground Control, AVL, General Dynamics and other mobile satellite Internet products and services.  Mobile Satellite Internet systems are fully automatic systems that are usually mounted on a vehicle, RV, trailer, bus, etc. that, with the touch of a button, set up, search for and lock onto an Internet satellite to provide Internet and Intranet access almost anywhere via one of several networks including HughesNet, Exede, iDirect, Gilat and others.

Some mobile systems are available in a “fly-away” case that makes them portable and shippable for temporary use as a backup system or at events, disasters, and so on!

We offer almost all of the mobile satellite Internet Systems on the market and each offers several common features as well as some unique features that are of interest for some applications! Usually, you want to decide on a platform (HughesNet, iDirect, etc.) and monthly service plan and satellite, prior to selecting the mobile equipment you will need to support that service since the equipment configurations vary according to the service you need and the locations you intend on using the system in!

Our customers vary from part-time and full-time RV’ers, to truck drivers, book mobiles, portable lottery and ATM offices, carnivals, NASCAR and other racing teams, fire fighting crews, search & rescue, to the construction, oil, gas, logging and mining industries as well as with city, county, State and Federal government agencies like Dept. of Transportation, Border Patrol, Homeland Security and others who typically use mobile satellite Internet systems for remote Emergency Internet access and communications! And our standby and on-demand iDirect internet offerings are very popular among the Emergency Response Teams who only need service here and there for a couple days or couple weeks at a time!

Mobile Satellite Internet systems pricing can range from $6000.00 – $40,000.00! Pricing is determined by the quality and features of the product, as well as by the size of the antenna and the type of transmitter, LNB, modem and any other components that are required!

We offer several mobile satellite Internet equipment, systems, products and services!  Please check out the links below for more information, but be sure to contact us so that we can help you determine which mobile satellite Internet system and service is right for your needs as we carry many other products and services and we want to make sure to get you into the right system and service that’s right for your needs and budget! Keep in mind that each of the systems listed below offer some general features and capabilities as well as some unique features and capabilities!  We can help you to determine which system and service is right for your needs!  Contact us for details!

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We offer the least expensive mobile automatic satellite Internet systems on the market today!

Check out the RV DataSAT 840  & RV DataSat 845 Mobile iDirect Satellite Internet System designed for consumers!

Just $6495.00 – $6995.00 + shipping and installation!

Need more coverage, better reliability.. check out the new RV DataSat 1200 1.2m system, priced at just $13,995.00!


RV DataSat 840 Mobile Satellite Internet System


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Winegard Mobile Satellite Internet Equipment, Systems and Serivces

Winegard Mobile Satellite Internet Systems

Virgin Technologies

Virgin Mobile Satellite Internet / VSAT Systems

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iNetVu Mobile Satellite Internet / Intranet Equipment Systems and Services

iNetVu Mobile Satellite Internet Intranet Systems

AVL Satellite Internet / Intranet VSAT Equipment Systems

AVL Mobile Satellite Internet Intranet equipment, systems and services

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General Dynamics Satellite Internet / Intranet Equipment Systems and Services

General Dynamics Mobile Satellite Internet Intranet equipment, systems and services

MotoSat Satellite Internet Systems

MotoSAT Mobile Satellite Internet Intranet equipment, systems and services

We still support MotoSAT products, and we offer controller upgrades and new controllers that work with MotoSAT internet and television systems that can make your system work for many years!  We also provide monthly service for MotoSAT equipment as well!

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Ground Control Mobile Satellite Internet Equipment and Systems

Ground Control Toughsat Mobile Satellite Internet Systems

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Contact us for more information on our mobile and fly-away fully-automatic satellite internet, intranet and VSAT equipment, systems and services!