Introducing the new RV DataSAT 1200!  The RV DataSat 1200 was introduced in June of 2017!  This system features a 1.2m antenna which is the default size used by most iDirect service providers for service in North America!  The 1.2m antenna provides service in a larger footprint than the smaller .84m RV DataSat systems that we offer!  This is a fully automatic mobile/portable satellite internet system that normally deploys and locks onto an internet satellite within 5 – 7 minutes, providing you internet access from almost anywhere where you have a clear southern view of the skies!  The RV DataSat systems are the only fully automatic “plug-n-play” satellite Internet systems designed specifically for consumers but able to handle the needs of most small business applications as well as bandwidth-intense applications such as VoIP / VPN and more!  BUY NOW

The RV DataSAT 1200 system comes ready-to-use right out of the box, simply set it up, plug the cables in, and press a button!  This system includes a built-in wireless router!



  • RV DataSat 1200 mount and rack-mount controller
  • iDirect X5 Modem
  • 4 port wireless router
  • 6 watt Ku BUC
  • control cable

Of course, the RV’ers love this fully automatic mobile satellite Internet system, but many others have found it to be a great solution for their needs as well including:

  • Emergency Response Teams are finding the RV DataSat 840, 845 and new 1200 systems to be a very affordable and reliable solution for their needs!
  • The RV DataSat is an affordable, easy to setup, portable or mobile backup solution for many businesses including banks, credit unions, small clinics and more!
  • Sell, sell, sell! Process orders and take credit cards at trade shows, fairs and other rural and remote locations and events!
  • The RV DataSat is the perfect system for remote construction/building sites!  Simply haul it out to your remote site, press a button, purchase a bandwidth package and you’ll be online in no-time with built-in Wi-Fi access as well!  Then when it’s time to move, just stow it, load it up, and head to the next location!
  • When you consider the cost of stationery iDirect equipment,  many simply choose to invest a little more so that they can have a completely portable and mobile system instead that doesn’t even have to be installed by a certified installer!  Just push the button and within 5 – 7 minutes, you’ll be online from almost anywhere!

With its larger 1.2 meter dish for increased signal strength, iDirect Evolution X5 satellite modem, and 6 Watt BUC; this system has all of the professional-grade components of a Government or Commercial system, but at a price that an RV owner can afford.



Service Plans and Packages

The following iDirect monthly service plans are popular with this system, however, we also offer service plans and packages from other iDirect service providers as well that may better fit your needs, so please contact us so that we can find the right service provider and plan for your needs!







Mount size (stowed):  69″ Long x 49″ Wide x 12.5″ High
Clearance radius required for rotation: 52″



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