We offer a large variety of fixed, portable, mobile, transportable, and fly-away satellite Internet systems and equipment configurations for almost any application!  It’s virtually impossible for us to recommend a specific satellite Internet system until we know several things about your needs, priorities and expectations!  Some of the factors we consider include:

  • Location or areas you wish to use the equipment & services
    • Many service providers use different satellites that cover different areas and require different sized antennas and transmitters to connect properly!  We can help you determine your needs based on where your site is or where you will be using the system!


  • Installation Type:  (Fixed, Portable, Mobile, etc.)
    • Are you looking for a system for a temporary or permanent installation on a home or business or something you can move around or take with you on the road in your RV or maybe even a system that goes up and locks onto the satellite with the press of a button?  We offer it all for most of the services we provide!


  • Service Provider (HughesNet, ViaSat, iDirect, etc.)
    • We work with many different service providers offering a large variety of services for many different needs and applications!  Some service providers are better at supporting certain customers and applications than others, so it’s important to go over your needs and expectations prior to settling on one service over another!


  • Service Platform (Gen5, HN7000s, HX, Ku-band, Ka-band, etc.)
    • Many people hear about HughesNet, but never hear about the different platforms that they offer and how one platform might be work much better for them than another!  We offer it all and we can discuss the good, the bad and the ugly of each one to make sure you have the best solution for your needs!


  • Monthly Service Plan / Speeds
    • This might be a shock, but did you know that we offer a 1mb x 200k plan that is $79.00 a month as well as a 1mb x 200k plan that is $625 per month and another that is over $1000.00 per month?  In the satellite internet industry, speed isn’t usually the most important factor and there are many other things to consider such as latency, contention ratios (share ratios) and more before settling on one service or another!  HughesNet might be faster, but will it handle what you need to do online?  iDirect might be reliable, but is it fast enough for you?  Maybe a combination of speed and reliability would be nice for you?


  • Support
    • We work with equipment manufacturers and service providers that offer 24/7 support, some that only offer 9 – 5 support, some that offer after-hours and weekend support, some that charge for support and some that don’t and some who don’t offer much support at all!  It’s important to consider all of that before you invest!


  • Quality
    • We offer satellite dishes and mounts that can handle 60mph winds and other satellite dishes and mounts that can handle 120mph winds.  We have systems that can handle salty environments better than others!  When it comes to mobile-automatic solutions… quality and EOL (End of life) may be a very important decision for you!  There are systems out there that are expected to last and be supported for 3 – 5 years, systems that last and can be supported for 5 – 7 years and systems that have been on the market for 10+ years.  There are systems that are made for casual use and others that are designed for daily use!  There are systems that will fall apart if they’re mounted on a small utility trailer with little to no suspension and systems that are used in war zones by our military men and women!  Let us help you find a system that’s right for your needs and application rather than you spending too much money for something you’ll never benefit from or too little on something that won’t support your needs or last you very long!


  • Serviceability / Upgradability
    • This applies mostly to our mobile auto-deploy systems! Some brands and models of these systems are very easy to fix and maintain in the field while others are not!  This alone can be the difference between being offline for a day or being offline for several days and also the difference between a $50 part and a $1500 service call!  Also, some satellite internet equipment can be upgraded to a different service and platform down the road, while other equipment has to be replaced and you get to start over!  It’s important to consider this, especially if you can’t just write a check for thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars down the road!


We’re more than happy to help you to determine which service and system is right for you!  Contact us for more information!