Portable Satellite Internet Systems

We offer several solutions for portable satellite Internet access!  These systems have the ability to connect to one of several satellites in the southern skies to provide you with Internet access via Satellite.

It is VERY IMPORTANT to determine what your Internet access needs are prior to considering a portable solution as portable options are very limited as there are only a few satellite Internet systems on the market that can be used for portable applications!   By the way… you won’t see any tripods on our site… instead, we offer flat non-pen mounts that are still portable but offer MUCH MORE stability and support than a tripod!

Here are some examples and options for you of portable satellite Internet solutions!

Portable Satellite Internet Systems – Manual Setup & Pointing

Portable HughesNet Gen5 HT2000W .98m 1-watt Satellite Internet Systems

Portable HughesNet Gen5 Jupiter 2 Satellite Internet Systems for RV'sThe new HughesNet Gen5 Jupiter 2 Satellite Internet systems are becoming VERY popular among RV’ers and in the Oil, Gas, Mining, Construction and other industries!  HughesNet Gen5 equipment and services offering speed plans at 25mbps x 3mbps and support for streaming video and more!  The HT2000W modem offers built-in A/C wireless connectivity and 4 LAN ports as well!

Basic equipment packages for the antenna, modem, transmitter/LNB assembly start at around $599.95 available here!  We also offer a complete portable kit with a mount, cable, and DAPT2 signal meter for $899 as well, available hereContact us for info!

HughesNet Gen5 Jupiter Monthly service plans all offer 25mbps speeds and are based on the amount of data you want to purchase for the month!  Monthly service plans under this platform start at $89.95 for 35gig of uploads and downloads per month and go up from there!  Click here for a complete list of HughesNet mobile-enabled service plans and packages!   This system has become so popular for us that we have created a new website https://ispsat.com that talks about this system and only this system!


Ready to Go?

It is important to know that the standard Consumer and Business Internet equipment and services offered through HughesNet, do not allow or support self-installation or portable use.  In order to be able to self-install and move around your system, you MUST purchase mobile-enabled equipment and service from us or another mobile service provider that offers and supports equipment and services for self-installation and portable use!


Portable HughesNet HN7000s .98m 2-watt Satellite Internet Systems

Portable HughesNet System

The HughesNet HN7000s Systems are a Ku-band Satellite Internet System that can be moved around from location to location and will connect and provide Internet access for you from the Continental U.S. and parts of Alaska, Canada, Mexico, Haiti, and other locations.  When combined with a flat non-pen mount, they can be set up on the ground or a flat roof, or they will mount on a 2″ Schedule 40 Steel or galvanized pipe as well which gives us the 2 3/8″ OD mast that the antenna will slide down onto.  This system requires setup and pointing, however, there is a signal meter built into the firmware of the HughesNet HN7000s modem for pointing and peaking!  If you ever see an RV’er setting up a satellite dish for Internet Access, it’s probably this system or the newer HughesNet Gen5 system!  Portable HughesNet HN7000s Systems are around $900 –  $1200 depending on features and options, and monthly service starts at around $99.00 per month for up to 1mbps x 200k speeds!
DISCLAIMER:  HughesNet does not allow or support self-installations or the “portable” or “mobile” use of their equipment but WE do!


NOTE: We still offer new HN7000s systems and services!  Some people prefer them over the newer, faster Gen4 and Gen5 systems for some of the following reasons:

  • The FAP for HN7000s systems is much more relaxed!  Only downloads are counted towards a daily FAP and there is a FREE DOWNLOAD PERIOD between midnight and 7 am!
  • Larger service area!  Gen 5 only covers the continental US and parts of Alaska and Mexico, while the HN7000s system uses one of several different satellites to offer coverage in most of Alaska, parts of Canada and Mexico as well as Haiti, Cuba, the Bahamas, PR and other areas that Gen5 does not cover!
  • Month-to-month service is more affordable over the HN7000s systems than over Gen5 service plans and packages!  (No contract termination fees, no monthly suspension fees!)
  • Speed isn’t everything to many people!  We’ve noticed that many of our customers do not care if a web pages loads in 5 seconds or 15 seconds, so sometimes speed isn’t the most important factor to consider!
  • Static IP addresses are available on the HN7000s platform!

Ready to go?


Portable iDirect Satellite Internet / VSAT Systems

iDirect 1.2m antenna on a flat non-pen mount

iDirect Ku Band equipment can be used on a portable basis and moved around within the coverage area to provide you with satellite Internet connectivity!  iDirect works better than HughesNet for bandwidth-intense applications such as VoIP, VPN, and providing access for multiple concurrent users.  However… iDirect requires a satellite signal meter/identifier, and you must be able to make a phone call from each new dish location to ensure the antenna is peaked properly prior to them activating your service at the new location!  Also, they will not assist you if you are moving around every day or every week, as they will require you to invest in an auto-pointing system so you are not taking up the Network Operations Center technicians time from all of your moves.  Most people that use iDirect on a portable/manual setup and pointing basis use it at one location for a week or two at a time at least!  These systems are heavy and hard to move around and set up! Portable iDirect Satellite Internet / VSAT Systems start at around $2000.00 and go up from there, however, our most common portable iDirect system is around $3800.00.  Monthly iDirect service usually starts at around $200 – $300 per month depending on your Internet needs and application!



Portable Satellite Internet / VSAT Systems – Auto-Acquire

portable auto-pointing satellite internet intranet vsat systems

We offer portable several brands and types of auto-pointing satellite internet systems as well!  This mount in the photo is a Winegard SPA 1200 portable 1.2m system however we do offer a few other options as well!  These portable systems still require you to set up the mount and get the dish pointed to the south, however with the press of a button they take over from there and locate and lock onto the satellite for you!  This type of system is typically used at oil wells, or temporary construction locations and typically with iDirect type services for business type applications where it’s not feasible to leave a vehicle there or a trailer with a mobile system mounted on it!  These systems start out at around $11,000 – $12,000 or so, which is still a savings over the $15,000.00 – $40,000.00 mobile fully-automatic systems that we also offer!




Mobile, Transportable & Fly-away Satellite Internet / VSAT Systems

Fly-away / Transportable Satellite Internet / VSAT systems

Be sure to check out our mobile satellite Internet and fly-away satellite Internet systems as well!  They are fully automatic satellite Internet systems that can either be mounted to a vehicle, trailer, etc. and/or can be hauled around in crates and boxes and deployed when and where needed without any manual pointing requirements!  When combined with our on-demand satellite Internet access and bandwidth plans, these systems are perfect for emergency services, oil well sites, construction sites, and other temporary locations around the World!


Contact us for more information on our portable, mobile, and fly-away Satellite Internet Systems!