Mobile Satellite Television Systems & Services

We offer sales, service, installation, repair and support of several brands and models of Mobile Satellite Television Systems and Services! We have worked in the Mobile Satellite Television and Mobile Satellite Internet markets since 2002 and we offer Winegard, Eagle, KVH, and other mobile satellite television products and services!  We also offer support for MotoSAT Mobile Satellite Television equipment, systems and services as well as some replacement parts and accessories! Our customers vary from part-time and full-time RV’ers, to truck drivers, and travelers in general! Football fans love our portable tailgating setups! We also offer portable satellite television antennas for tailgating, camping, and other uses! Some of our customers use a portable system on their RV so they can take it down and put it elsewhere when needed to get around trees, etc. Portable Satellite Television Antennas start out at around $350 or so and the fully automatic mobile satellite television systems start at around $1200 depending on your television service provider and the features and options of the products! Mobile Satellite television systems are fully automatic systems that are usually mounted on a vehicle, RV, trailer, bus, etc. that, with the touch of a button, set up, search for and lock on to provide DISH Network, DirecTV, Bell Express, StarChoice and other satellite television programming almost anywhere! We offer almost every mobile satellite television systems and solution on the market today, and each one offers features, options and capabilities that others might not!  Be sure to contact us to discuss your needs so that we can help you choose the right system and solution for your needs and budget! Keep in mind that our DOWNLOADS section has MotoSat Manuals, Winegard Manuals, KVH Manuals, and User Guides! Simply click on the images below for more information about each of the products:

Winegard Mobile Satellite Television Equipment, Systems and Serivces
Eagle Mobile Satellite Television equipment, systems and services
KVH Mobile Satellite Television equipment, systems and services 
[divider style=”hr-solid”] Please note that MotoSat closed their doors in early 2013, however we still offer as much support as we can, and we do have some parts and pieces for the MotoSat systems either in stock or in our network of MotoSat dealers! MotoSat Satellite Television equipment, systems and services Contact us for more information on our portable and mobile satellite television equipment, systems and services!