HotShot Satellite Dish Heater Kit – HSSLNGRFKIT

Hot Shot



Product Description

This HotShot Heater Kit is designed for use with the DirecTV Slimline Dish, but works on other 39″ and larger dishes as well.

We recommend this Hot Shot model for use on the following dish antennas:

  • DirecTV AU9-S Slimline 5-Phase
  • DirecTV AT9 5-Phase
  • DirecTV 66E International
  • HughesNet HN74 Raven (Metal Dish)
  • HughesNet HN74 Prodelin (Metal Dish)
  • WildBlue (Metal Dish)

The HotShot Satellite Dish Heater will keep snow and ice from collecting on your dish and can also reduce rain fade by up to 75%. HotShot heater kits are the preferred heating system of most satellite television installers as they can be powered over an existing spare coaxial cable run. Simply peel-n-stick the Hot Shot element to the front or back of your dish (depending upon the application). Mount the transformer in a dry environment next to a 110v electrical outlet. Run the included 100′ of low-voltage cable to the element on your dish and attach accordingly. Plug in the transformer and your dish will be protected from snow and ice buildup via the thermostatically controlled heating element.

The HotShot heating element has an automatic thermostat that turns on just above freezing temperatures and off when the dish surface heats up. The HotShot heating element is an exclusive patented invention that has been offered for over 13 years and is used by many thousands of dish owners in snowy climates to aid reception when the weather gets testy.

This blanket is designed to be powered by the HSPS24AC7AMP-S power supply!



  • Blanket Size: (28” X 20”)
  • Safe low-voltage 24 VAC heater 
  • Does not require hiring a licensed electrician for installation 
  • Automatic thermostat turns ‘on’ just above freezing temperatures and ‘off’ when the dish surface warms up 
  • Durable Vinyl material lasts a long time 
  • Etched foil resistance heating element 
  • Multiple heat zones apply the maximum heat where it’s needed most 
  • 3M Acrylic adhesive assures a tight bond to the antenna 
  • Conforms to the reflector curves and angles 
  • One hundred feet of electrical cable provided 
  • Heavy-duty wire-wound power transformer provided
  • Does not affect signal strength
  • Mounts on the front or back of the DirecTV Slimline HD antennas
  • Fits and works for a variety of other TV and Internet Antenna systems as well!


Shipping Weights and Sizes:

  • Blanket (1.7 lbs. | 20.69 in. wide x 1.43 in. high x 28.31 in. deep)
  • Power Supply (9.15 lbs. | 7.63 in. wide x 6.38 in. high x 14.25 in. deep)



  • Spec Sheet


Manuals & User Guides:

  • HotShot Installation Instructions


  • Weight: 20 lb
  • Width: 21 in
  • Depth: 10 in
  • Height: 29 in

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