RV DataSAT 1200 Mobile Satellite Internet System powered by iDirect



Product Description

Introducing the new RV DataSat 1200 1.2m mobile satellite internet system powered by iDirect!

This system uses a standard 1.2m meter antenna, which is compatible with most iDirect service providers, and includes an iDirect Evolution X5 satellite modem, and 6 Watt BUC!
This system will offer a wider coverage area than the smaller RV DataSat systems, and offer greater reliability during rain or snowfall or heavy cloud cover!

The RV DataSAT 1200 system comes ready-to-use right out of the box, simply set it up, plug the cables in, and press a button!  The system will go up and lock onto the satellite and when you connect to the built-in wireless router!


  • RV DataSat 1200 mount and controller
  • iDirect X7 Modem
  • 4 port wireless router
  • 6 watt Ku BUC
  • control cable


Monthly service plans start at $79 per month and include UNLIMITED DATA!  Contact us for more information!


We will update the below info with model 1200 manuals soon!


  • RV DataSat 1200 Manual (Rev 1)



  • RV DataSat 1200 Information & Support from Montana Satellite Services
  • Montana Satellite Services – www.montanasatellite.com  888-608-2299



Contact us for more information!



  • Weight: 150 lb

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