Satellite Dish Antenna CoversWhen snow and / or ice collect on a satellite television or satellite Internet dish, it can create signal loss. One way to help prevent snow and ice from collecting on your satellite dish is to install a satellite dish cover. While snow and ice can build up on the arm and feed horn / LNB areas of the dish, most of the satellite dish covers on the market today simply keep the snow and ice from collecting on the dish face which is typically all that is necessary to prevent signal loss. Unlike some rumors out there, satellite dish covers typically do not cause any signal interference or degradation.

There are a variety of satellite dish covers on the market today for everything from 18” residential satellite television and satellite Internet dish antennas to larger commercial and enterprise VSAT applications. Most residential and commercial satellite dish covers simply slip over the front of the satellite dish face and are secured at the back of the dish by a variety of methods, typically strings, cords, or straps. However there are also decorative covers on the market that simply tape to the dish face to provide a design or logo on the dish.

Some of the satellite dish covers on the market today are light-weight covers designed to be a decorative cover to spice up an otherwise ugly satellite dish antenna, promote your business or favorite sports team or hobby. Others are designed to camouflage the dish so it doesn’t stand out as much. And others, like our own line of MTSAT Heavy Duty Satellite Dish Covers are designed to prevent snow and ice buildup, and protect the dish from the elements.

Selecting the right satellite dish cover for your dish is important for proper fit and function. Some covers cost less than others as a variety of materials are used with different models and styles depending on their intended use.

A few simple questions for you to answer prior to ordering a satellite dish cover are:

  • What type of dish do you have? (DirecTV Slimline, DISH 500, HughesNet .74, etc.) If you aren’t sure, check out our DISH GALLERY for satellite dish antenna photos and size information as well as quick links to purchase the right cover for your antenna!
  • Do you want to hide your dish, spice it up a bit, or prevent snow and ice buildup on it?
  • Will you need a cover that will withstand high winds and snow loads?
  • Do you want to spend less for a simple solution or more for a more reliable solution?

Once we have that information, we will be able to help you suggest the right cover for your needs. In the mean time, here is an overview of some of the more popular satellite dish covers that are on the market today and available for purchase in our secure online store at !

Dish Shades: DishShades Offers covers for standard 18 – 20″ round, oval and elliptical satellite dishes that add style and class to your dish via a cover that slips over the dish and tightens with a drawstring for provide protection from the elements while snazzing up that otherwise ugly dish! Featuring NASCAR images and everyday clipart that will surely bring a smile to those passing by! UPDATE: DISHShades is closing their doors and they only have a few cover designs left in stock! Contact us for more information!

Dish Skinz: DishSkinz Designer Satellite Dish Covers are quality molded satellite covers fit right over your existing dish with ease. Custom printed images are sharp and colorful and available with any one of the NFL or NHL Team Logos or one of the other custom designs for a variety of interests.

Dish Hoodie: The Dish Hoodie is a light-weight universal dish cover that simply stretches to fit a variety of dish sizes from 18″ round up to 34″ wide x 30″ high. The Dish Hoodie is a black cover available with a Flag logo and a few college team logos. The Dish Hoodie is a designer cover, but also inteneded to help keep snow and ice from building up on your dish!

Wedgie Cover: “Wedgiecovers” are a one piece cover that fits over the front of the dish (the lnb) and over the dish. They are designed to keep snow and ice from collecting on the dish and also work well to prevent salt-creep since they cover the entire dish. We do not offer these “bag style” covers, however you can visit if you want more information on that type of cover!

MTSAT Heavy Duty Satellite Dish Antenna Covers: Our very own line of MTSAT covers were designed specifically to resist snow and ice buildup on your satellite dish antenna, but can also be screenprinted with logos or designs of your choice! MTSAT covers are built to last as they also resist rot and fading. We have covers for almost every dish on the market and if we don’t have it, we accept custom orders as well! We designed these covers after years of working with the “other” satellite dish covers on the market and we believe we have the best cover with the most durable material and the best design on the market today!

Walton De-Ice: Walton covers are designed for the larger VSAT systems and services. Walton offers two types of covers… a standard vinyl cover, and a heavy duty gortex cover. Both covers are equipped with “heating ducts” to add optional forced air heating systems if necessary. Our most popular sellers are the 1.8m, and 2.4m and larger covers, but we carry everything in the Walton line, including covers from .6 meter all the way up to the 5 meter and larger antenna systems. Contact us for a quote today!

Dish Rocks – DishRocks – Virtual Rock Covers: Hide your dish under a rock! Virtual Rocks, aka Dish Rocks are great for neighborhoods that restrict satellite dishes in open view and where-ever you wish to hide your dish to protect it from the elements and vandalism, etc. Dish Rocks cover your satellite dish and make it blend into the landscape!

If you have questions regarding any of the above satellite dish antenna covers, please contact us as we would be happy to help you select the right cover for your needs!

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Or visit our secure online store at to purchase!

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