We offer a variety of satellite related services including sales, service, installation, repair and consulting for the following:


Satellite Internet / Intranet

Satellite Internet / Intranet / VSAT systems provide Internet / Intranet access to rural locations where DSL, Cable Internet or other wired or wireless options are not available! Satellite Internet systems are also used by residential, small business, commercial and enterprise customers for a variety of applications! From our fixed stationary systems installed at homes and businesses, to our portable, mobile and marine satellite Internet systems used on RV’s, Boats, Emergency Service Vehicles, we will have a system and service for your needs! We provide oil, gas, mining, logging and many other industries with equipment and bandwidth for everything from basic Internet access to VOIP telephone service, security cameras up to bandwidth for audio and video broadcasting of live events and more! We also provide wireless HotSpots for hotels, motels, RV Parks and Campgrounds as well! We offer satellite Internet products and services from HughesNet, Exede, iDirect, LinkStar, Starband, Spacenet, WildBlue, ViaSat, and others!


CenturyLink Telephone / Internet

We are a sales agent for CenturyLink Telephone and Internet access plans!  CenturyLink offers bundled telephone and Internet access plans as well as either “telephone only” or “unlimited internet access only” plans as well!  Sometimes Satellite Internet access, Cable Internet, Point-to-Point and other types of Internet access are not the best solution for everyone!  Our relationship with CenturyLink allows us to offer our customers yet another solution for their needs!


Satellite Television

We are a leading provider of portable and mobile satellite television equipment featuring brands such as MotoSat, Winegard, KVH and more and offering DISH Network, DirecTV and Free-to-Air equipment and services! Whether you have a home in town, a cabin in the woods, an RV on the road or a Hotel, Motel or Bar / Lounge, we can provide you with the satellite television equipment and services to fit your needs!


Satellite Phone

We offer satellite phone sales and rentals as well as fixed, mobile and marine satellite phone system equipment and services! We feature products from Iridium, GlobalStar, and Inmarsat! If satellite phone service is outside of your budget, we also provide satellite bandwidth for VoIP options as well!

Cellular Service Plans & Packages

We are an authorized agent for Page Plus Cellular and we offer some of the lowest priced cellular service available today on one of America’s Largest Cellular Networks!


Cellular Amplifiers, Blockers & Accessories

We offer cellular amplifiers, cellular blockers, cellular docking stations and accessories as well as provide installation for residential, commercial, mobile and marine applications! We feature products from ClearRF, Wilson, Panasonic, and more!


Wired / Wireless Networking, HotSpots and User Access Control

We provide everything you need for residential and commercial wired and wireless networking! From helping you set up a small network in your home, to providing Wireless HotSpots for Hotels, Motels, RV Parks and Campgrounds, we have the equipment and services to fit your needs! We feature products such as Cisco, EnGenius, Tranzeo, Netgear, Ubiquiti and more! And once it’s installed, we can help you control access to the network through one of our user access control products!

We offer many other services that are not listed here!  Please Contact Us for additional information!