We offer CenturyLink Telephone Services and unlmited Internet Access Plans via DSL

We are now an authorized sales agent for CenturyLink Telephone and Internet Services in CenturyLink and Qwest service areas!

Customer Service is our priority and sometimes Satellite Internet, Cable Internet, and Point-to-Point Internet is not the best solution for your needs!  Well now we can offer you even more options and solutions with CenturyLink’s Telephone and Internet Services!

We offer many Telephone Service plans with or without Internet access!   This bundle is our most popular plan, however we offer many other plans and packages!

We offer CenturyLink Phone and Internet Bundles


Did you know that you can get Internet Access with speeds of up to 10 Mbps from CenturyLink for just $19.95 per month (+ taxes and other fees) when combined with CenturyLink local phone services?
And if you only need Internet access at your home, service is available for as low as $34.95 per month for the first year, then $ 54.00 – $ 64.00 per month after that, depending on the speed plan you choose!
(Additional equipment purchase or lease fees are required!)

We offer unlmited Internet access from CenturyLink!

That’s right, most people have cell phones now days, but that doesn’t mean that your cellular provider is going to give you enough Internet access to support your home, family or business!


Why CenturyLink?

Unlimited Access! Most satellite Internet, cellular and many point-to-point Internet access providers have daily or monthly data caps / limits that only allow you to upload and download a certain amount of data in a specific time frame!
If you go over this limit, your service can be slowed down, suspended or your account can be billed a LOT of additional charges for overages depending on your service plan and service provider!  With CenturyLink, you can have fast Internet access without the daily or monthly usage and data limits that come with most cellular service providers and satellite service providers!

Internet Options, Features and Capabilities!  Satellite Internet has an inherent latency that cause many bandwidth intense applications such as VoIP, VPN, online gaming, stock trading and so on to function slowly or not function at all!  Cable Internet is fast, but also somewhat expensive compared to DSL.  Cable Internet is also typically the least secure method of Internet access on the market, so many businesses shy away from using cable Internet for that reason alone!   If you are in an area where DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) Internet access is available, you can’t go wrong with CenturyLink DSL services!

Did you know that if you or someone you know is on almost any form of Federal Assistance Programs, you or they may qualify for significantly reduced rates for Telephone and / or Internet Access Services and even discounts on telephones, laptop computers and more?  Most people do not realize this, possibly because there’s no money in this package as a “sales agent” in offering it to you, however… we care about what’s best for you and your needs!  Therefore, as a public service to our customers, we are an active promoter of these services and we offer links and forms so that you or a friend or family member can see if they qualify for reduced rates through CenturyLink’s Lifeline program!


Why order CenturyLink Services through Montana Satellite Services?

And if you’re wondering why you should order from Montana Satellite Services, instead of directly from a CenturyLink call center, our answer is simple!  Because we are a small local business and we will still know most of our customers by name, and not just by an account number!  If CenturyLink isn’t the best solution for you, we’ll let you know and we’ll help guide you in the right direction!  And, we can offer you any and all of the promotions that a CenturyLink call center can offer you PLUS the added benefit of an additional level of customer service and support!  You won’t have to “Press 1 for English” with us!


Ready, Set, Go!

If you would like more information on CenturyLink residential, home/office, small business, corporate or enterprise services, simply contact us or fill out our online CenturyLink Contact Request Form so we can contact you regarding your Telephone and / or Internet needs!