There are many, many similar products and services available in the satellite industry today, each of which provide some unique features, benefits, options, and capabilities, but that also have significant drawbacks, weaknesses and so on…  all of which will affect you and your application one way or another!

Some other things to consider:

  • How often is a sales representative at DirecTV going to tell you that DISH Network has more of what YOU are looking for in television programming packages?
  • How often is a sales representative for a manufacturing company offering a $25,000 mobile Internet system going to tell you that their competitor’s system will work well for you and save you some money!” ?
  • How often is an Internet Service Provider going to tell you, “Our plans are not quite capable of handling your needs, so you may want to call these other guys instead!” ?
  • And my favorite… How many sales people at HughesNet or Exede are going to tell you that there is really no benefit for you to pay more for  “slower and less-capable” satellite Internet system when you can get DSL or Cable Internet in your neighborhood?  (Believe it or not, we do that almost every day!) 

The solution:

  • Wouldn’t it be better for you as a consumer if you could talk to a company about your needs, that not only offers almost every satellite related product and service available on the market, but that also has many years of experience in the installation, service, repair  and support elements of the products and services you are looking for?
  • Wouldn’t you rather have someone put together an equipment and / or service solution for you, instead of spending hours and hours searching the Internet which is full of sales pitches, yet never seem to talk about the negatives?
  • And do you like to save money?   Wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to pay a re-seller a 5% – 20% commission on your monthly service simply because they happen to be a tier 3 re-seller instead of tier 1 or 2?

Well, then you are in luck, because WE LIKE HAPPY CUSTOMERS, so we offer free consulting services , estimates and so on to all of our potential customers that can not only save you a lot of frustration, but also prevent you from being under-sold or over-sold on your needs!  And the best part of that is that “we have your back!”  If we find a better solution for you down the road, we will recommend that to you accordingly!  And, since we like happy customers and care about your needs, if we happen to find a better product or service for your needs, even if it’s something we do not sell or support, we will still be happy to tell you about it IF it is a better solution for YOUR needs!

For example: We just saved one of our customers in Mexico over $ 400.00 per month on his bandwidth pricing for the WiFi access that he provides for his guests at his timeshare / resort complex simply by finding him a more affordable monthly service / bandwidth plan that will still offer him excellent support for his needs, with a different Service Provider than the one he originally signed up with!  We don’t have to convince our customers that one service or product is better than another simply because we offer it all!   This alone is a HUGE benefit and usually means savings to our customers as well!

Getting started:

If you are looking for satellite Internet Systems or Services, please submit our Bandwidth Survey Form to get started!  This will help us to analyze your needs and narrow down the product and service offerings for you!

If you are looking at having us install a satellite television, satellite Internet, cellular amplifier, etc. at your home or business, check out our Site Survey page to see how having us perform a site survey for you ahead of time can not only save you money, but ensure that we can provide you with the right solution for your needs!

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