Satellite Internet Providers / Satellite Internet Bandwidth / Intranet / VSAT Solutions

Satellite Internet / Intranet / VSAT systems provide Internet / Intranet access to rural locations where DSL, Cable Internet or other wired or wireless options are not available! Satellite Internet systems are also used by residential, small business, commercial and enterprise customers for a variety of applications!

From our fixed stationary systems installed at homes and businesses, to our portable, mobile and marine satellite Internet systems used on RV’s, Boats, Emergency Service Vehicles, we will have a system and service for your needs!  We even offer BGAN systems and services for in-motion and Worldwide coverage!

We provide oil, gas, mining, logging and many other industries with equipment and bandwidth for everything from basic Internet access to VoIP telephone service, security cameras up to bandwidth for audio and video broadcasting of live events, WiFi for man-camps and more! We also provide wireless HotSpots for hotels, motels, RV Parks and Campgrounds as well!

EMS Teams such as local police, fire and sheriff’s departments, as well as search and rescue organizations such as FEMA, Homeland Security, and others count on us to providing them with seasonal and on-demand bandwidth (satellite Internet access) and communications at remote locations!

Why choose Montana Satellite for your satellite Internet / Bandwidth needs?
There are many companies out there who simply mark up and resell monthly service (aka bandwidth)!  Many of them only offer a select type of service that might work well for one application but maybe not for another!  They either convince you their service will work, or they lose you! We however, work with many of the Network Operation Centers and Service Providers so that we can offer you the right service for your needs!  And instead of marking up and re-billing you for that service, we simply hook you up with that Network Operations Center or Service Provider for direct billing!  This alone can save you 10% – 20% on your monthly service AND get you into a much better level of support than you would get from some re-sellers!  Also, we work with several equipment manufacturers and distributors and we are experienced in installing, servicing and supporting what we sell!  So we are familiar with the features, benefits and capabilities, options, etc. of many of the equipment on the market today, as well as each products’ limitations and drawbacks!  Therefore we can set you up with the right equipment and service for YOUR application AND save you money and get you better support in the process!

Click on the links below for more information on some of the satellite Internet services we offer:

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We also offer satellite Internet service from LinkStar, Gilat / Spacenet / Starband, Iridium, Inmarsat, BGAN and others!

Let us help you find the right satellite Internet service for your needs and budget!