Exede Satellite Internet Systems and Services

The newest, fastest “Exede 12” service is available in some areas, and offers speeds of up to 12mb for downloading and 3mb for uploading, making it one of the fastest satellite Internet systems and services on the market today!  We also offer Exede Business Plans for fixed and mobile systems that offer 15mb x 5mb service! (see below for details)

The “Exede 5” service is available in most “other” areas and offer speeds of up to 5mb for downloading and up to 1mb for uploading! We also still offer service and support for the older WildBlue Surfbeam systems and WildBlue Enterprise Services which are still popular for residential, portable (limited areas) applications!

Exede 5 Plans / Pricing

Exede 5 Monthly Service Plans and Pricing

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Exede 12 Plans / Pricing

Exede 12 Satellite Internet Monthly Service Plans


Exede 5 / 12 Coverage Map

Dark Orange areas offer Exede 12 Equipment & Services   /  Light Orange areas offer Exede 5 Equipment & Services

Exede Satellite Internet Beam Map

Exede Beam Coverage Map for Alaska and Hawaii

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Exede Residential Satellite Internet Systems work well for basic Internet Browsing, E-mailing and more, but are not recommended for more than 2 or 3 concurrent users, and for bandwidth intense applications such as VPN, Remote Desktop, Steaming Video, Day Trading, etc.

Exede offers enterprise level equipment and services that do support more then 2 or 3 concurrent users and do work for VOIP, VPN and other bandwidth intense applications. Contact us for information!

The low up-font costs for equipment ($100 – $600) and the very reasonable residential monthly service plans ($49 – $139 per month) make Exede a popular choice for residential and small business applications!

Exede also powers a new mobile system by iNetVu which is on the market today!  These mobile automatic systems usually start out at around $15,000.00 – $25,000.00 or so but offer satellite Internet almost anywhere with a clear view to the southern skies! Contact us for more information on Exede / WildBlue Satellite Internet Systems and Services!

Exede 12 is not currently available in Montana and much of the Western U.S. however Exede 5 is now available in Montana and parts of Idaho and other areas as of March 1st, 2014!  And we do still offer WildBlue service (Enterprise Level) for those customers with existing WildBlue equipment starting at around $89 per month + tax!

We also still sell WildBlue equipment, parts, supplies and accessories in our online store at www.montanasatellitesupply.com !
Here are a few of the Exede / ViaSat and WildBlue plans that we offer: Exede 5:  Available in many parts of the Continental U.S. – See coverage map below! 

Exede Business Fixed and Mobile Plans

The new Exede Business Fly-away and Mobile Plans offer speeds of up to 15mb x 5mb!  Pricing is as follows:

15mb x 5mb w/ 50gb per month of throughput is $995.00 per month.
15mb x 5mb w/ 100gb per month of throughput is $1895.00 per month!

Check out our Exede Systems including our Fly-away and Mobile Equipment Options!

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