If you have a Hughes HX50, HX90, HX200 or another Hughes HX modem, and related HX outdoor equipment (dish / antenna), and are located in one of our coverage areas, we can offer you the following HughesNet HX Monthly Service Plans. HX Service provides high-quality service to the public Internet. Service is set at a standard oversubscription rate!

Please note that the service pricing mentioned below may or may not be accurate for your application and location!
Please contact us for current Hughes HX Monthly Service Pricing information!


  • One Static IP access per remote
  • Internet Access
  • Built -in WAN acceleration
  • Optional application-specific Committed Bit Rate (CBR), ideal for VoIP, video or streaming data.


Hughes HX Monthly Service Pricing

  • Five Public IP addresses are available for $20 per month per site. IP addresses are subject to the limitations specified in the Hughes VAR/Reseller Agreement!
  • Actual speeds and over subscription may vary and are not guaranteed!
  • To ensure fair access, all HughesNet subscribers, Hughes assigns a download allowance to each circuit plan of the amount of data that may be continuously downloaded within a 24-hour period. Per Terms of Hughes VAR/Reseller agreement!
  • Some pricing plans require a minimum of 20 sites, contact us for details!


Application-Specific Committed Bit Rate (CBR) Option

An application specific CBR – typically used for VoIP, streaming data, or video applications, can be added as an overlay to a given HX Internet Access Circuit. The CBR only applies to one specific UDP application. When the application traffic is detected by the HX system, the NOC will allocate a lower-latency, lower-jitter, bidirectional CBR transmission path. The selected HX circuit plan must have sufficient up/down maximum performance to support the CBR bandwidth purchased. CBR Usage is subject to the download allowance of the associated circuit plan.

Hughes HX CBR CIR Pricing


Hughes HX Private Gateway (IPGW) Options

With a minimum of 20 circuits, HX circuits can be aggregated into a dedicated, private IP Gateway (IPGW). HX Circuits on a private IPGW are subject to the same terms and benefits as Internet Access Circuits with the following additional benefits:

  • Proactive Monitoring
  • Hughes Network Management portal access
    • Fault Management
    • Customized performance reporting
  • HX ExpertNMS Network Management

A Private IPGW can connect to the Internet or can be set up to support a private wireline backhaul.

Hughes HX Private Gateway Pricing

HughesNet HX Monthly Service is typically available on the following Satellites:

  • 99W (G16 / G4R)
  • 113W (SM6) Ku2 Band
  • 127W (H1 / G13)

Contact us for information or to sign up for Hughes HX Monthly Service!