iDirect Satellite Internet Systems and Services

iDirect offers a variety of satellite Internet Equipment and Services for your needs that is a step above most residential satellite Internet systems such as HughesNet and WildBlue / Exede! iDirect service can properly support bandwidth intense applications such as VoIP (Telephone over Internet), VPN (Virtual Private Networking), Remote Desktop, and Streaming Video, and the systems can typically support many more concurrent users / connections without slowing down as much as some of the commonly used residential systems on the market today!

Why choose Montana Satellite for your iDirect needs?
There are many companies out there who simply mark up and resell monthly service (aka bandwidth)!  Many of them only offer a select type of service that might work well for one application but maybe not for another!  They either convince you their service will work, or they lose you! We however, work with many of the iDirect Network Operation Centers and Service Providers so that we can offer you the right service for your needs!  And instead of marking up and re-billing you for that service, we simply hook you up with that Network Operations Center or Service Provider for direct billing!  This alone can save you 10% – 20% on your monthly service AND get you into a much better level of support than you would get from some re-sellers!  Also, we work with several equipment manufacturers and distributors and we are experienced in installing, servicing and supporting what we sell!  So we are familiar with the features, benefits and capabilities, options, etc. of many of the equipment on the market today, as well as each products’ limitations and drawbacks!  Therefore we can set you up with the right equipment and service for YOUR application AND save you money and get you better support in the process!

Some examples of how iDirect services are used:

  • Residents in rural areas use iDirect reliable Internet and VoIP! (Telephone over Internet)
  • Home-office & Small Businesses for secure, reliable Internet / Intranet access!
  • Shops & Stores use iDirect for sharing inventory between stores, for secure credit card processing and often for media delivery for training and advertising
  • Day Traders, Investors, etc. use iDirect for reliable connectivity when seconds count!
  • Oil, gas, logging, and mining sites use iDirect for Internet Access and Communications for their offices and for providing Internet access for their employees at “man-camps!”
  • WiFi access for Motels, Hotels, Campgrounds, RV Parks, Construction Sites, etc.
  • iDirect is often used for audio/video-conferencing and communications!
  • Live Webcasts are often uploaded over iDirect!
  • Some theaters use iDirect to download movies to display on the big screen!
  • Department of Transportation uses iDirect for their Mobile Weigh Scale Vehicles and Traffic cameras and for sharing Road Report information.
  • The National Park Service uses iDirect for Internet / Intranet and Communications
  • Commercial and Enterprise businesses use iDirect for VoIP service and Intranet applications
  • Hospitals and Clinics use iDirect as a back-up communications systems for their Internet / Intranet applications!
  • EMS teams use mobile iDirect systems for emergency communications at accident, disaster and event sites!
  • Fish, Wildlife and Parks use portable systems for monitoring wildlife activity
  • Weather services use iDirect for monitoring weather stations and reporting!
  • Border Patrol and Homeland Security use iDirect for security video monitoring and communications!
  • Broadcasting companies, news agencies etc. use iDirect for streaming video for live news, sporting events, etc.

Here in Montana, we’ve become well known for providing portable and mobile systems and services to the wild-land firefighting teams for internet access and communications for helicopter air traffic control teams, mapping solutions and general WiFi applications at fire camps in remote areas!

Keep in mind that there are MANY factors to consider when selecting a monthly service plan!  We STRONGLY encourage you to contact us about your intended use prior to simply selecting a plan or fill out our online Bandwidth Survey Form so that we can gather some recommendations for you! Many factors need to be considered in order to get you the best service for the money!

We have included just an example of the iDirect Monthly Service plans and options below!  We can even customize a plan for your specific needs so be sure to contact us for more information!!


Here are just a few of our iDirect Service Plans and Packages… keep in mind that we work with over 12 different iDirect Providers that each offer a variety of service plans catered to every application, so if you don’t see what you are looking for, feel free to contact us for more options and solutions or even for a plan customized for your needs!

This first example are plans offered by one of our premier iDirect Service providers!  They feature an “unlimited data” which means no upload or download limits to worry about among other features and options! Although you must qualify for these plans based on your “intended use”, and they won’t allow streaming video (other than an occasional YouTube clip or news clip, etc.), there is no data limit with these plans, so you don’t have to worry about “going over your data limit” and being slowed down, shut off, or billed for overages or anything like that!  And believe it or not, the 512k x 128k 30:1 plan @ $246 per month is our most popular plan for our residential / home-office customers in remote areas that are looking for reliable Internet access and VoIP service or VPN capabilities! And, because of the throughput difference between the two companies, the iDirect 512k x 128k 30:1 plan shown below is actually faster than the 1mb x 256k plans offered by other providers!

G18 / SM8-Ku-1 / T14R


Month-to-month (no contract) plans are available for an additional 20% per month fee!  


SM8 – Ku-2

These plans are available to South America and other areas where SM8 Ku-1 plans are not available!

iDirect SM8 Ku-2 Monthly Service Plans

Month-to-month (no contract) plans are available for an additional 20% per month fee!
Again, these are just a couple of the packages we offer!  Contact us for more options and solutions!



Here are a few plans from one of our other popular iDirect Service Providers!

iDirect Monthly Service Plans - NIA - 20141001


Here are some of our Emergency Services and On-Demand Plans that are very popular for random access per day, per week, etc.

iDirect - On-Demand Emergency Service Plans - 20141008

Please contact us for many other iDirect bandwidth options and solutions!