We offer many different iDirect service plans for a variety of applications!  We work with several different iDirect Service Providers and Network Operations Centers in order to get you into the best provider and plan for your needs!  This page contains some of the popular plans from just one of our many different iDirect Service Providers!

The following iDirect Monthly Service Plans from one of our premier providers are offered for stationary, portable, portable auto-acquire, flyaway, and mobile equipment with the iDirect Evolution Series Modems!  These service plans are offered on the [email protected] and [email protected] Satellites.

Fixed Monthly Service Plans that feature Unlimited Data (No Data Caps)

We have several fixed plans that offer unlimited data starting at  64kbps x 64kbps speeds up to 5mbps x 2mpbs.
For example, many of our residential customers in remote areas are using our iDirect 384kbps x 384kpbs on a 15:1 contention for $178 per month + $25 for 1 VoIP line!
This service plan provides better, much more reliable phone service than HughesNet and other satellite Internet solutions as well as basic Internet access!

We have many other plans to choose from and can even create a custom plan for your specific needs!
We’ll add more plans and details to this page soon! In the meantime, please contact us to go over our current offerings!

iDirect Metered Internet Access Plans

Metered Internet Access Plans are great for people who use their systems occasionally or more often at some times than others!  Metered plans offer you a specific amount of base data for uploads and downloads and then bill you for any overages!  A VoIP line or lines can be added to these plans as needed as well!

iDirect On-demand Internet Access Plans

On-demand plans are popular among the emergency response teams and others who never know when they are going to need to deploy the system, yet want to ensure that it is ready to go when needed!
With these plans you purchase a “standby plan” such as a 128kbps x 64kbps 10:1 plan @ $144 per month, and then you simply turn it up when needed to whatever plan best fits your needs for as long as you need it and turn it back down when you are finished with it!  The base data plan gives you the ability to test and use the system, even when it isn’t ramped up!  A VoIP line or lines can be added to these plans as needed as well!

Contact us for more information or to order one of the above plans and packages or to have a customized plan designed for your specific needs and budget!