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Iridium Satellite Phone Equipment, Services and Rentals

We offer pre-paid and post-paid monthly service for Iridium Satellite Phones and Pagers as well as BGAN Services! The trick in finding the right plan for your needs it in determining how often or how little you will be using the phones! Some customers prefer a pre-paid card to avoid monthly service fees, however the pre-paid cards do expire so there is always a chance you won’t use up your pre-paid minutes before your time runs out! You can pay to extend the time, but it isn’t cheap to do that! Many customers prefer a post-paid plan similar to a cellular account where you pay a basic monthly service rate and then pay for your usage at so much per minute. This works well unless you only need the service for a couple weeks, couple months or seasonal as you will be required to sign a minimum 1 year agreement to service for post-paid plans!

Once you have an Iridium Handheld Satellite Phone you can select the plan that works best for your needs!


Iridium Pre-paid Service Plans

These plans are sold via pre-paid cards! As you will see you can purchase a block of minutes with a selected expiration date. Once your pre-paid minutes have expired, you will not be able to place or receive a call! You can extend your expiration date for a small fee!  As a side note, there is a significant tax added to the purchase of these cards!

(These plans are subject to change without notice!  Contact us for the latest information and pricing!)

Convenient plans that work everywhere on the planet, without long-term contracts or billing hassles.
Iridium Satellite Phones Prepaid Minute Plans - 20141001

Updated 10/1/14 – Some terms and conditions apply… contact us for details!


Iridium Post-paid Service Plans and Iridium Global Paging Post-paid Service Plans

Iridium postpaid plans offer the convenience of Iridium’s reliable, everywhere voice and data communications without the need to be concerned about a prepaid account expiring or having a low balance.

(These plans are subject to change without notice!  Contact us for the latest information and pricing!)

Iridium Satellite Phones Postpaid Monthly Service Plans - 20141001


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