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Satellite Television Systems and Services for Residential – Commercial – Fixed – Mobile – Portable – In-Motion – Marine

We offer DISH Network and DirecTV Satellite Television services for residential, commercial and even mobile, portable and in-motion applications!  We also offer local sales, service, installation and repair though out Montana and other areas! We also offer a complete line of DISH Network and DirecTV equipment, receivers, antennas, parts, supplies & accessories in our online store and we also offer some mobile solutions for our Canadian Shaw Direct and Bell TV customers as well!

Be sure to ask us about commercial services, including head-end systems for hotels, motels, restaurants, bars, casinos, hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living centers and more! Satellite Television Service Plans are also available for “employee camps” and office for the oil, gas, mining, logging and construction industries also!  RV’ers love our fixed-mobile and in-motion systems, which have been our specialty for many years!

What is Satellite Television?:

Satellite Television systems offer plans and packages similar to most Cable TV companies.  The advantage, of course, is that satellite television systems work almost anywhere as long as you have a clear view of the southern skies!  And with new enhancements in satellite television receivers, such as DISH Network’s Hopper & Joey combinations or DirecTV’s new Genie receivers, satellite television technology has become much more advanced than most cable offerings in many areas!

How much does Satellite Television Cost?:

Residential: First-time customers can usually get into DISH Network or DirecTV for up to 4 rooms in their home for $0 – $100 up front and then monthly service runs anywhere from $20 – $150 per month depending on the plans and packages, features and options you choose!  This option is usually available to “qualifying” customers that are willing to sign a 1 or 2 year commitment to keep the service!  And you will probably get a free standard professional installation also!  Or if you don’t want to be tied to a contract, you can get a complete system for around $250 or so and we provide installation for 1 room for around $125 – $150 or so!

Commercial: Business pricing varies based on the type of business (office, hotel, bar, etc.) and the number of receivers or “drops” in the building, and of course on the programming (channel packages) that you select! There are several options for providing service as well!  You can place receivers in each room (motels, hotels, etc.) or behind each TV (bars, casino’s, etc.), or… we also offer “head end units” that allow you to put all of the receivers in a rack and provide programming to each TV or room over a normal television channel!   (24 receivers in the rack = 24 channels, etc.)  This option is the best for nursing homes, assisted living centers and other businesses where “keeping it simple” is the best option!  With this application you simply use or television remote control to switch between the available channels!  For example, a head end system for a typical 36-channel system to 36 rooms or “drops” could cost around $ 8,000.00  – $15,000.00 + installation!  The good news is that when you go with a head-end system like that… a decent monthly service plan for around 36 channels to 36 rooms would only be around $ 250.00 per month or so!  Not bad considering the average residential customer pays around  $40 – $80 per month for satellite television service!

There are MANY options and configurations available though, so please contact us for more information and pricing!


Programming / Channel Packages:

Since the promotions and programming packages change all of the time, for residential equipment, we encourage you to visit and to view the residential equipment and programming options for your area! But then, once you are somewhat familiar with what each company offers, contact us to further discuss your needs a bit and to get things rolling! And you might ask, “Why wouldn’t I just click the button and order online while I’m there?” We have several good reasons for that including:

  • Cost – A local deal can usually offer you the same promotions that National re-sellers can, in fact sometimes local dealers offer additional promotions that National re-sellers don’t!  So there is usually no additional costs involved in going through a local dealer!
  • Choice – A local dealer is usually going to offer both DISH Network and DirecTV so they can cater to everyone’s needs! – The fact is that if you call DISH Network to order, the rep there isn’t going to tell you if DirecTV may be a better choice for you or not! If you call DirecTV, the rep there isn’t going to tell you, sorry, we don’t offer that channel in that price package, but DISH Network does! And a local dealer can hear your needs and give you the good, bad and the ugly of each system so that you can make an informed decision, not just the one that one company offers! So why not make the right choice the first time?
  • Quality & Support – When you order from a local dealer, you will almost always get better service and support. Why? Because they know if you aren’t happy, you’ll be telling your neighbors, and your local dealer is going to care about that more than some National re-seller!  Also, when you order online from either DISH or DirecTV, your info is passed around to at least 2, maybe 3 or 4 companies before an installer contacts you to actually do the installation! And chances are that he or she may just be passing through the area and probably won’t even leave you his card in case you have problems! And if and when something goes wrong, you’ll have to call DISH or DirecTV who then issues a work order and the process starts all over again!  On the other hand… when you order from a local dealer and have an issue, that local dealer will probably be the one showing up to take care of you!  It might even be the same installer, so they will now how to get to your home or business and they will be familiar with your installation, equipment locations and so on!
  • Fast Response – As we mentioned above, when you order though a National re-seller, several companies are involved which usually results in a longer wait time from Order to Installation!  Most local dealers are able to get to you within a day or so!
  • Familiarity – Many National Sales Reps have usually never installed a satellite television system or know anything about your area or location, while a local dealer can related to your location and discuss things like mounting options, line-of-site, snow protection, or whatever.

And remember… we offer a full line of DISH Network and DirecTV Equipment, receivers, dishes, antennas, mounts, LNB’s, remote controls and other accessories such as satellite dish covers and satellite dish heaters in our secure online store!

Contact us for more information on our DISH Network and DirecTV residential, commercial, fixed, mobile, portable and in-motion equipment and services!