DirecTV Satellite Television

Compare DIRECTV with cable and DISH and see for yourself why 30 million people agree—if you want the best entertainment experience for your money, you need DIRECTV. DirecTV satellite television systems usually consist of a DirecTV Slimline 3 or Slimline 5 satellite dish depending on the local channel market for your community and the offerings available. The Slimline antenna could have one of several different LNBF (low noise block filters), again depending your location, that receives the signal from three or five satellites! DirecTV offers several receivers and configurations including the new Genie! DirecTV satellite television programming packages start out at just $ 29.99 per month and are usually a much better value than cable television. DirecTV is well known for being a pioneer in their SWiM technology that allows you to use one coaxial cable run to provide satellite television though-out a home that may have been previously wired for cable television. Along with this came the whole-home DVR and other features that make DirecTV a great choice for satellite television service! DirecTV is also well known for the NFL Sunday Ticket programming packages as well as their NASCAR packages that offer several views inside NASCAR! DirecTV offers qualifying FIRST TIME CUSTOMERS Free Equipment to use and a Free Standard Professional Installation for up to 4 rooms in the home, however a credit check, credit card or debit card, and a 24 month commitment to service is usually required to get the promotional offers! Additional rooms require an additional “outlet fee” and many other terms and conditions apply!


Technology: Genie, only from DIRECTV, powers your entire home. So now you can enjoy a full HD DVR experience on every TV in your home, without seeing a box in every room. Genie also avoids recording conflicts by letting you record any five shows at the same time, all in HD. Genie even recommends shows you might like based on what you already watch. And with up to three times more HD recording capacity than cable, you won’t have to delete your favorite shows to make room for new ones. With an HD DVR this advanced, your every TV wish is granted.

Remote Viewing: DIRECTV brings you all the entertainment you love on just about any device you happen to have in your possession. Watch the latest blockbusters and hottest shows On Demand. Stream Live TV on your tablet or phone anywhere in your home. Even take your recorded shows wherever you go. We’re with you every step of the way.

Movies: DIRECTV CINEMA® gives you instant access to the hottest new releases and thousands of other top favorites. New movies are added every week, many available a month before they’re on Netflix® or Redbox®. Enjoy them on your TV in 1080p or anywhere else, on your laptop, tablet, or cell phone.

On Demand: With DIRECTV on DEMAND, you have instant access to over 10,000 of the hottest shows and movies whenever you want. Enjoy the latest blockbusters, catch up on missed episodes of your favorite shows, or rediscover old favorites—DIRECTV on DEMAND has it all. To start enjoying DIRECTV on DEMAND, all you need is an HD DVR connected to your home broadband Internet service with the DIRECTV CINEMA Connection Kit.


Programming Packages

Entertainment – $54.99, but you can get it for $24.99 for the first 12 months through promotional offers! (140+ channels)

Choice – $64.99, but you can get it for $29.99 for the first 12 months through promotional offers! (150+ channels)

XTRA – $70.99, but you can get it for $34.99 for the first 12 months through promotional offers! (205+ channels)

Ultimate – $ 77.99, but you can get it for $39.99 for the first 12 months through promotional offers! (225+ channels)

Premier – $ 124.99, but you can get it for $86.99 for the first 12 months through promotional offers! (285+ channels)

24 month contract and other terms and conditions apply



We offer the very latest in DirecTV technology! First time subscribers can usually qualify for free or reduced pricing on satellite television equipment for up to 4 rooms in your home!  The DirecTV Genie offers amazing features including whole-home DVR, On-demand and Pay-per-View movies and more!  Let us help you to decide what equipment is right for your needs!

Whether you want DirecTV in your home or business, or on the road in your RV, or a portable system for tailgating or camping, we have the equipment for you! DirecTV has a VUQUBE Flex that is a simple easy solution for you to have TV almost anywhere!

And be sure to check out our secure online store for a complete inventory of DirecTV receivers, antennas, LNB’s, mounting brackets, installation accessories and even satellite dish covers and satellite dish heaters that help prevent snow and ice from collecting on the antenna and causing signal loss!


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