Usually the first step in determining your needs for any satellite television, satellite Internet, satellite Communications or other products and services is in determining what options are feasible for your site location, or intended service areas, regions, etc.  If you are considering having a satellite system, cellular amplifier, or even a WiFi Hotspot to be installed at your home or business, it is a good idea to request that we perform a site survey!

Thanks to Google Earth and websites such as, and, it’s getting easier for us to collect a lot of information by doing a “virtual site survey” online instead of having to actually visit your site!  However, we still recommend having us visit your site to ensure a proper solution for your needs prior to ordering!

We offer site surveys for residential & commercial satellite television, satellite Internet, satellite communications, and WiFi Hotspot installations & more!

Site Survey’s can help you determine:

  • if there are “line-of-site” issues or not
  • the best antenna location, grounding location, etc.
  • the proper equipment and mount type
  • the best cable path and any trenching / conduit requirements
  • if any special equipment (augers, trenchers, man-lift, etc.) will be required
  • the best indoor equipment location(s)!
  • any additional installation or materials costs
  • the total cost of your installation

Simply contact us to request a site survey!