We offer Starlink Installation Services

This photo was sent to us by one of our customers who is using our heavy-duty eave-mount and 3′ mast.
These and other mounts, adapters, and accessories that can be used for Starlink installations are available here! 

We are not associated or affiliated with Starlink or SpaceX.  It is important to know that, at this time, we are still NOT recommending Starlink equipment and services due to some significant quality, reliability, and coverage issues that they have in many areas simply because their services are still in beta and probably will remain in beta over the next 1 – 2 years!  Our tests with Starlink have indicated that trees, tall buildings, mountains, and other factors can greatly impact the quality and reliability of service!  However, we are here, able, and willing to assist you with your Starlink equipment installations!

Montana Satellite is a satellite internet equipment, installation, and services provider that has been installing satellite internet systems for over 20-years!  We now provide site surveys and professional installation services for Starlink Satellite Internet equipment!  We do not, however, provide service calls, support, or troubleshooting for Starlink services!  We will be happy to recommend the best installation location and method for your site, however, we are NOT responsible for Starlink Service quality or reliability!


Are you offering Starlink installation services?  We are happy to send you installation referrals for a small fee of course! Contact us for more information!


Contact us at (888) 608-2299 to discuss your needs or to schedule a site survey or installation!


No Mount? No Worries! 

We provide whatever mount will best fit your needs!

Our installation pricing includes the mounts that we recommend to properly secure your Starlink Satellite Internet System!


We offer a variety of installation methods to fit your needs including:

  • Roof Mounts
  • Eave Mounts
  • Ground Pole Mounts
  • Temporary Mounts


Service Area

Our local service area includes most of Northwestern Montana including Flathead, Lincoln, Lake & Missoula Counties, and others upon special request!

We are also creating a database of installers so that we can assist you in finding an installer for your Starlink equipment in your area!  Contact us to sign up or for more information!





  • $ 1.50 per mile one way from Kalispell, MT to the site  (2WD – Standard Road Conditions)
  • $ 2.00 per mile one way from Kalispell, MT to the site (4WD and gravel/rough road conditions)
  • Overnight stays (required for sites more than 250 miles from Kalispell, MT): $ 150.00
  • Standby Time (on-site delays, site access, driving/traffic delays, etc..): $ 35.00 /hr


Standard Professional Installations:

The following installation methods and pricing include the installation hardware and standard installation supplies and accessories!  These prices do not include the Starlink equipment!
For liability reasons, we do not use Starlink supplied mounts such as the Volcano Mount, etc.

Our $90 Site Survey is recommended (but not required) to determine site feasibility and the best installation location and method for your location!

  • Standard flat non-pen mount temporary installation: $ 250.00 + travel
  • Standard Trimast Wall/Roof Mount Installation (1 – 2 story):  $ 300.00 + travel
  • Standard Eave-mount installation with heavy-duty mount and 3′ mast: $ 300.00 + travel
  • Ground Pole Mount installation in concrete (normal soil/digging conditions) (trenching and conduit sold separately):  $ 300.00 + travel
  • Ridge-roof (Peak) Mount installation (1 – 2 story): $ 450.00 + travel
  • Custom mount installations include tower mounts, tall pole mounts, rail mounts, chimney mounts, etc.:  Contact us to schedule a site survey and/or for a quote!


Non-Standard Installations & Add-ons

Trenching & Conduit – Typically $3.00 per ft under normal soil and hand digging conditions

We also offer additional products and services including: WiFi signal boosters, Outdoor access points, Building-to-Building connectivity solutions, and more!


Contact us at (888) 608-2299 to discuss your needs, for more information, or to schedule a site survey or installation!