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We offer several different solutions to provide RV’ers and others with fast, reliable, and secure Internet Access!  We all know that camgrounds and RV parks tend to provide you with JUST ENOUGH interent access to be able to say that they offer Free Wireless Internet Access, but it’s usually very slow and very insecure and sometimes it only covers half of the campground or RV park!  So, what if you could have your own high-speed internet access solution wherever you go?  Here are just a few of the solutions we offer RV’ers for high-speed Internet access!

WiFi Extenders

If you’re just looking for a way to extend the existing wireless Internet access that some RV Parks and Campgrounds offer, you can purchase a WiFi extender that usually consists of an antenna that you install on the outside of your RV and a device for the inside of your RV that simply amplifes the existing WiFi (wireless signal) to give you better, more reliable service inside of your RV.  There are products from $100 – $1200 that do this for you, contact us to see which solution is right for you!

Cellular 3G/4G mobile hotspots

Most smartphones now days have the ability to offer a “mobile hotspot” which is a service you sign up for from your cellular company that allows you to turn your smartphone into a WiFi hotspot that you can connect your tablet, laptop or desktop computer and other devices to in order to get Internet Access.  Of course this only works in areas where you have good solid 3G/4G cellular coverage.  You can also simply purchase a “mobile hotspot” from most cellular companies for $50 – $100 or so or probably even get one for free if you sign a contract!  Once you have your “mobile hotspot” feature added to your service or once you have purchased a “mobile hotspot” device, it might be time to consider purchasing one of our WeBoost Cellular Amplifiers that will amplify your the cellular signal and extend your coverage area, sometimes by up to 40 or 50 miles away from the cell tower!  This solution allows you Internet access while on the move within a cellular signal footprint!  Some cellular companies offer you free mobile-hotspot features on your phone, but keep in mind that this solution will use up your monthly cellular data also!  We don’t actually offer these cellular services or the mobile hotspots, but we want you to know what’s out there in case that will satisfy your needs!  We do offer the cellular boosters / cellular signal amplifiers that can get you much better cellular coverage from your RV for both voice and data!  Contact us for information!

Portable Satellite Internet Systems and Services

We are one of one of only a few satellite internet dealers who sell, service and support portable satellite Internet systems and services that you can purchase, set up and point, usually within 10 – 15 minutes in order to get high-speed Internet access from ALMOST ANYWHERE via satellite.  Our newest solutions offer up to 25mpbs download x 3mbps speeds and monthly service plans start at $89.95 per month for 35gig of data!  For those of you who only travel a few months of the year, we do offer seasonal and month-to-month options as well!  Equipment packages range from $700 – $1200 and coverage areas vary depending on the system you choose to purchase!  We have systems that offer coverage in the U.S. as well as parts of Mexico and Canada and systems that just provide coverage in the Continental U.S.  For those of you who stay in rural and remote areas where WiFi, 3G/4G and other solutions are not available, this is the solution for you!  Many RV’ers choose to use this solution alongside a 3G/4G hotspot solution so that they only need to set up their satellite Internet system when they are not in a good cellular area, while others use our portable satellite Internet systems and services full-time!

Here are a few of the portable satellite Internet systems we offer, but please contact us first to go over your needs to make sure you find the best solution the first time!  The “Basic System” packages contain only the antenna, transmitter/LNB assembly and the modem.  They do not include a mount, cable, signal meter, etc.!   The “Complete Portable Kits” also include either a flat non-pen mount for portable use or a trimast wall or roof mount as well as 50′ of coaxial cable and a DAPT2 signal meter to assist you in pointing the antenna!

HughesNet Gen5 systems and services offer up to 25mbps x 3mbps speeds and coverage through-out the Continental US and very small parts of Canada and Mexico.

HughesNet Gen5 – Basic Systems

HughesNet Gen5 – Complete Portable Kits

HughesNet HN7000s systems and services offer slower speeds than Gen5 at between 1mb x 200k speeds and 2.5mb x 1mb speeds, however these systems and services offer coverage through-out the U.S, most of Mexico, Canada, Alaska and other areas!  There are other features that make this system popular among many RV’ers today even with the newer, faster Gen5 solutions on the market!

HughesNet HN7000s – Basic Systems

HughesNet HN7000s – Complete Portable Kit

Mobile Automatic Satellite Internet Systems and Services

If you move around a lot or do not want to take up the space to store our portable solutions or if you want to be able to just press a button and have Internet access within 3 – 7 minutes or so, then a mobile automatic satellite Internet system may be the right choice for you!  We offer mobile satellite Internet systems and services that give you high-speed Internet access with the touch of a button!  These systems are usually mounted on the roof of your RV just like many satellite television systems, but provide high-speed internet access via satellite.  We offer many different brands of mobile satellite Internet systems which allows us to get you into the best solution for your needs and budget!  These mobile automatic satellite Internet systems start out at around $6500 + shipping and installation, however some of these systems can be shipped directly to our customers and self-installed as they are pretty much a plug-n-play solution anymore!  Other larger, fancier systems can cost anywhere from $12,000 – $48,000 depending on the quality, features, options, coverage areas that they support and so on!  We have monthly service plans starting at around $80 – $150 per month that offer unlimited data!  These mobile automatic systems are typically powered by HughesNet or iDirect Internet services!  Some of these systems only offer coverage in the US and parts of Canada, while other, more expensive, larger systems offer coverage through-out most of Norh America, including Alaska!

Here are a JUST A FEW of the mobile automatic satellite Internet solutions we offer!  We carry over 5 different brands and over 30 different system configurations and solutions for mobile satellite internet access that many of our RV’ers choose to install on their RV for high-speed Internet access from almost anywhere with the touch of a button!

ISPSAT HN90M – The most affordable mobile-automatic satellite Internet solution on the market today powered by HughesNet!  Service plans starting at $89.99 per month with speeds around 25Mbps down x 3Mbps up!

RVDataSat 840 – The second most affordable mobile-automatic satellite Internet solution on the market today powered by iDirect!  Service plans starting at $79 per month and supports service plans that offer up to 1mb upload speeds!  These models are still available with the recently discontinued X5 satellite modem/routers until out of stock at which time the 845 will be the current replacement model!

RVDataSat 845 – The same features and configuration as the 840, but with a “rack mountable” controller, the newest iDirect X7 satellite modem/router, and unlocked equipment so that you can use it with any iDirect Service Provider that supports the .84m antennas.
(A different feed assembly may be required for some service providers!)

RVDataSat 1200 – This is the 1.2m version of the RV DataSat systems.  The 1.2m antenna is the standard size antenna recommended by most iDirect service providers for service through-out the U.S. and parts of Mexico, Canada, Alaska and more!

Winegard WX1200 – This is a 1.2m mobile automatic satellite Internet system from Winegard!  This system is also powered by iDirect and is another one of our top selling mobile VSAT solutions!

Cobham Explorer 8100 – We usually recommend this 1.0m marine-grade mobile satellite internet system for use along the coastlines and seaports or areas where salt-creep is an issue!  It’s actually Ku-Band powered by iDirect, but it can be upgraded to Ka-Band and used with other providers as well!

Ground Control ToughSat 1.2m – This mobile automatic satellite Internet solution by Ground Control is a top-seller as well and offers features and services that are not found in other systems and services!  For example, if you discover that you do not have a line-of-site to one satellite that you are getting service through, you can simply press a button or two, to switch to service from another satellite.  This helps if you travel to different areas as well since different satellites offer different footprints and coverage areas!  Contact us for more information on this system.  We do not have it listed in our online store as there are many different configuration options to choose from!

iNetVu – iNetVu by CCom offers many different automatic mobile satellite Internet / VSAT systems and solutions for Ku-band to Ka-band including a new system that supports the fastest mobile offerings on the market today from ViaSat and HughesNet.  These systems start in the $25,000 range and go up from there, but they are the Cadillac of mobile satellite Internet systems!  iNetVu systems use servos instead of gears, cables, or chains which allows them to locate and lock onto the satellite faster than any other mobile product on the market in most cases!  Contact us to go over the variety of iNetVu systems and find out which one is right for your needs!

Our experience in the mobile market with a variety of brands and models allows us help you can choose the best solution for your needs!

Global Voice/Data

If you are looking for a small portable solution for getting Internet access almost anywhere via a truly Global solution, then you might be interested in our Iridium Satellite Phones / Data Solutions or a BGAN solution!  We offer everything from small handheld satellite phones that have data connectivity kits that you can take hiking in the Mountains of Montana that can provide you with voice calling, text messaging and Internet access up to the portable and mobile mounted BGAN satellite systems that offer fixed and inmotion satellite internet access for a variety of applications!  The devices required for this type of use vary and costs can be anywhere from $700 – $7000 typically!  Monthly service for these types of solutions is usually offered by the minute and/or megabyte of data used, but can be very expensive compared to some of the other solutions we offer.  However, some RV’ers who work on the road and want access from ANYWHERE, even in-motion inside of their RV from will typically use one of these global voice/data solutions!

Here are just a FEW of the portable and mobile internet access solutions that we offer!

Iridium Go – Turns your smartphone into a satellite phone and provides you with Internet access for email, file transfers and more!

Explorer 510 – A true satellite WiFi Hotspot that allows you to connect your smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc. to up to 464 kbps speeds!

Explorer 710 – A true satellite WiFi Hotspot that allows you to connect your smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc. to up to 650 kbps speeds!

Hughes 9202 – A true satellite WiFi Hotspot that allows you to connect your smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc. to up to 464 kbps speeds!

Hughes 9211 – A true satellite WiFi Hotspot that allows you to connect your smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc. to up to 650 kbps speeds!

Hughes 9450 – In-motion Global Voice/Data Internet access solution that offers 464 kbps speeds either parked or on the move!

Contact us for more information on any of the above solutions!