We support the products and services that we offer and even some that we don’t! Support Index (Alphabetical listing to support for the products and services that we offer!) Which Dish do you have?  (Satellite Dish Antenna Database with pictures and links!) Forms  (Links to Forms used for a variety of the products and services we offer!) Check out our Ku Band Satellite Footprints and Ka Band Satellite Spot Beam maps for a variety of systems and services!  (Satellite coverage areas for most of the satellite Internet systems that we offer!)  

Support Contacts

Montana Satellite Services
825 Helena Flats Road #205
Kalispell, MT 59901

Twitter: @MTSAT
Skype: montana_satellite
Yahoo Messenger: montana_satellite
Facebook:  www.facebook.com/montanasatellite

Residential Customer Service: 800-531-5000
Commercial Customer Service: 888-388-4249
Order Now: 888-608-2299
http://www.directv.com .

DISH Network
Customer Care: 888-333-3474
Order Now: 888-608-2299

EnGenius Wireless
Tech Support: 888-735-7888

Exede Satellite Internet
c/o ViaSat Customer Support
P.O. Box 4427
Englewood, CO 80155

Customer Service: 855-463-9333
Order Now: 888-608-2299

http://www.exede.com .

Customer Service: 866-347-3292
Order Now: 888-608-2299
http://www.hughesnet.com .

iDirect VSAT (Please contact us or your iDirect service provider!)

Iridium Satellite Phone Support

GIT Satellite (for Montana Satellite Customers only): 512-918-9502

KVH Industries
50 Enterprise Dr.
Middletown, RI 02842


Tech Support (for existing customers only): 800-501-9990

Network Innovations Associates
(NIA) Tech Support (for existing customers only): 559-271-5500

WildBlue Satellite Internet
Customer Care: 866-905-6768
 To Order call: 888-608-2299

Tech Support (for existing customers only): 707-283-8000


If you cannot find the support information you are looking for, please contact us for information!