Product Support:  Birdog Satellite Signal Meters / Satellite Identifiers

UPDATE 10/1/20:  We are no longer supporting Birdog Satellite Signal Meters!  We have been unable to get batteries for them for over 6 months and it seems Perfect Vision decided to pull the plug on them as well!  We have no solutions for updating the programming on them other than manual entry at this time!  As a replacement for the Birdog, we have used this XR-3 signal meter for several years and like it much better than the Birdog!  It doesn’t have the power / Battery issues and it updates automatically whenever plugged into the computer that has the software installed on it!  Check it out:

XR-3 Signal Meter (Base Unit)

VSAT Satellite Module (for satellite Internet and some satellite TV)

DBS Satellite Module (for satellite TV)

UHF/VHF Module  (for off-air TV)



This page contains information, links, downloads and support for Birdog Satellite Signal Meters!  Here you will find Birdog manuals, user guides and troubleshooting tips as well as any FAQ’s or Blogs related to Birdog Satellite Signal Meters manufactured by Perfect Vision and distributed by Montana Satellite Supply!

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Misc. Links:


Birdog Support Contacts:

  • We offer replacement parts of the Birdog Satellite Signal Meters at !
  • – Birdog Drivers, Firmware and Satellite Table Updates, Configuration Information
  • Birdog Repair Facility (for upgrades, repairs, etc):

AMBI Circuit Board Electronics
18 Lomar Park
Pepperell, MA 01463
Tel: (978)925-9520
Fax: (978)925-9526
Email: [email protected]


Birdog Software / Firmware / Utilities:

  • Please visit for current software, firmware and satellite configuration files / updates!

.Birdog User Manuals:


If you would like additional assistance with your Birdog Satellite Signal Meter / Identifier, please feel free to contact us!