This downloads section contains miscellaneous software, programs and utilities!

Putty – Putty is a small telnet / terminal program for Windows.

DSSat Tool – A great satellite utility for finding your satellite azimuth, elevation, skew (polarity or polarization) from any location by lat and long or by zip code! (using the optional zip code file below)

DSSatTool Zip Code File – Install this file in your DSSatTool folder to add zip code lookup functions to DSSat Tool

PC-OPI Satellite Pointiing Utility for HughesNet Ku Band Satellite Internet Systems – This utility displays signal strength and crosspole values during pointing of HughesNet Ku Band Satellite Internet Systems.

PC-OPI Speech Add-on – This add-on for PC-OPI adds audio capability to the PC-OPI software which allows you to hear the current signal strengths and crosspole values!

SpeechSDK51 – This file is required by some Windows Operating Systems to add voices / speech capability for the PC-OPI Utility!

More files coming soon!  please check back soon or contact us for more information!