MotoSat Downloads

This downloads section contains MotoSAT related manuals, user guides, spec sheets, software, firmware, satellite tables and more!
For MotoSAT systems powered by HughesNet… check out our HughesNet Downloads section for help with your HughesNet Modems, Transmitters, SBC Files, and more!

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MotoSAT Mobile Satellite Television Systems related Downloads

MotoSAT Nomad SD2 Programming Guide Manual – 20100108

MotoSAT Nomad SD – SD2 Controller Manual – 20110802

MotoSAT Nomad 2 – 3 Controller Manual – 20081230

MotoSAT Nomad 1 Contoller Manual – 20050518

MotoSAT Freedom Manual – 20080325


MotoSAT Satellite Internet Systems related Downloads

MotoSAT SDC-J1 Controller Manual (For controllers with RF Mogul Firmware upgrade!)

MotoSAT H3 Controller Manual – Ver. 1.0.9

MotoSAT H2 Instruction Manual – Ver. 6.0.10

MotoSAT J1 Controller Features Manual

MotoSAT J1 Controller Instruction Manual – Ver.1.0.9

MotoSAT D4 Controller Manual Ver._D4.402 – 20070409

MotoSAT D3 Controller Manual – Ver. 391.062107

MotoSAT MESA-HPX System Manual – 20110330