There are many similar Satellite Internet Platforms, Internet Service Providers, Monthly Service plans, and equipment solutions available on the market today!
Each of which usually caters to a certain “niche” customer base!   Many of the equipment and service plans offer some unique features, benefits, options, and capabilities, over another, however, each also has some drawbacks, weaknesses, and so on!  Our job and our experience in the industry, not only in sales but also in years of installation and support, allows us to help you analyze your needs and refer you to the best platform, service provider and plan for YOUR needs and budget!  And THEN we can offer you the best equipment for that service for your application!

This form allows us to gather some of the information necessary to help us help you analyze your Internet / Intranet access needs so that we can offer you some reasonable solutions without under-selling you or over-selling you! And keep in mind that we do not mark up and re-sell bandwidth!  Instead, we simply find the best plans and providers for your needs and connect you to them!  They bill you directly, which means that you can save up to 20% per month on service since you will be dealing directly with the Network Operations Center or a Tier 1 Service provide instead of a Tier 2 or Tier 3 re-seller!  And that means you will have a direct line of support also!

But, of course, we can’t do what we do for free, and we would never suggest that we don’t make any money on your monthly service plans because EVERY service provider on the market relies on commissions and residuals to survive!  HOWEVER, we work with almost every service provider on the planet, and we have agreements with each one of them that any finders fees, commissions, or residuals that are owed to us come out of the provider’s side of things, and not from the consumer’s end!  So, that means that you have nothing to lose by going through us anyway!  In fact, it simply gives you one additional level of support for FREE!

And here’s the best part… How many “re-sellers” are going to contact you if they see a better solution for you?  Well, when you get service through us, we “have your back” and WE PREFER HAPPY CUSTOMERS!  For example… we recently saved one of our customers in Mexico over $400 a month on what he was paying to provide WiFi access to guests at his resort, simply by recommending that he switch from one Internet Service Provider to another!  We even helped him with that process!

IMPORTANT: Before you submit this form… please keep in mind that video streaming over ANY satellite Internet system is VERY expensive!  We get requests all of the time for Netflix, Hulu, and similar capabilities!  Unless you have about $2000 – $4000 in your pocket for monthly service, that type of use is probably not going to be very feasible for you!  Of course, an occasional YouTube clip or News clip is fine, and you can get away with downloading a movie and watching it later if you wish, however, live video streaming takes a lot of bandwidth and is very expensive through ANY service provider!\

Please fill out and submit our new Bandwidth Survey Form Here!

Thank you!  We look forward to working with you to find you the best solution for your needs!