This form is used to request a HughesNet Gen 5 Ka-band VAR account for monthly service on an HT2ooow Ka-band HughesNet Modem!

You must purchase equipment from Montana Satellite Services in order to use this form!
You must be within the following HughesNet Gen 5 Coverage Areas in order to get this service!
This VAR option for equipment and services allows you to self-install and move around your Gen 5 system if necessary!

Standard Hughesnet Consumer and Business equipment and services offered by HughesNet cannot be moved around or self-installed and cannot be used for VAR accounts!
If you wish to order HughesNet Service on our standard Consumer or Business Platform that includes Free Standard Professional Installation, please contact us!

HughesNet Gen 5 VAR accounts are only created from 8am – 4pm MST Monday-Friday.
*Please allow 2 – 4 hours during normal business hours for your request to be processed!

We will also need you to complete our online Credit Card Authorization Form for your monthly service billing before your SAN and PIN will be sent to you!
We will send you that link once we receive this completed form submission!

All accounts require a 24-month commitment to service!  If you wish to have “month-to-month” service instead, you must pay a one-time $400 contract cancellation fee up front!
If you choose “month-to-month” service and pay the one-time fee, you can then turn on and off your service by the month from then on and without penalty!
You can suspend service for up to 5 months per year at a cost of $20 per month!

If you cannot see the form on the page below, please use this link instead: